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"What are Islamic sexual and moral codes and how are these affected by living in a multicultural society?"

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Islamic studies coursework "What are Islamic sexual and moral codes and how are these affected by living in a multicultural society?" Rationale The aim of this essay is to identify what Islamic sexual morals and codes are and how Muslims beliefs in these are affected by living in multicultural societies. Both the positive and negative effects will be stated and looked into. The tools I will use to conduct my research will be Islamic books and search engines on the Internet to find web sites relating to the matter about Islamic moral and sexual codes. I will also use the Internet to find articles or sites, which bring up key information about how Muslims living in multi cultural societies faiths are affected. I may even have to carry out interviews and questionnaires to find what people living in Bradford feel about their faith and whether or not it is affected by living in a multi cultural society. The purpose of this essay is to distinguish what Islamic sexual and moral codes are and how Muslims belief in these are affected by them living in multi cultural societies, this can be done by looking at Islamic sources such as the Quran, Hadith, and the Sharia'h (which consists of both). To point out the affects on Islamic moral and sexual codes living in multicultural societies, what will need to be looked into would be factors such as; multicultural societies, how they function, and the effects they have on Muslims. ...read more.


The verse, 'And among His signs is this that He has created for you mates from among yourselves so that ye may dwell in tranquillity with them', (sura 30 v21) is taken to mean that sex should only occur in marriage. All Muslims believe that sex is restricted to marriage and that it has certain implications for Muslim social life. Zina (sex outside marriage) is haram. According to Yusuf al Qaradawi " when Islam prohibits something, it closes all the avenues of approach to it. This is accomplished by ruling out every step and every means leading to haram. Accordingly, whatever excites passions opens up ways for illicit sexual relations between a man and a woman and promotes indecency and obscenity is haram. This is one of the reasons why in Islam the sexes are kept apart as much as possible and why men and women must wear modest baggy clothing, which do not bring attention to their sexual features. Men are not allowed to wear silk or gold and women must have everything but their faces, hands and feet covered when in the presence of men they can marry. These rules have been based on Quranic statements such as sura 33 v 33-39. As mentioned before Islamic moral codes stem from the Sharia'h and are laws by which Muslims must live their day-to-day lives. By living in a multi-cultural environment, you can become subject to a non-Islamic environment. ...read more.


By and large mosques do not provide educational activities for young people over the age of 14, and thus are not well placed to support them if and when they question, as many in their mid and late teens are inclined to do, the pedagogy which they encountered at the mosque school and the interpretations of Islam which were presented. Muslim youth organisations which seek to promote understanding of the Muslim faith within the setting of a non-Muslim country such as Britain. Their publications are in English, as are the meetings, which they organise. For many young Muslims there are a disparity, they feel, between what they hear and learn from such organisations and what they were told at the mosque school or by their families. At the very time that they become more devout and observant in their own personal Muslim beliefs and in their determination to live according to Muslim principles, they feel that the mosques and imams are often unable to respond to their particular needs and concerns. Later we quote from a recent essay competition for Muslim students, to show the kinds of religious, social and ethical issues, which concern them. Extremist Muslim organisations. These too use English in their publications and meetings, and are implicitly or explicitly critical of aspects of traditional Islam, which they consider to be cultural accretions rather than essential. Also their discourse is frequently anti-western and they have closed and hostile views of other religions. ...read more.

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