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What are the different forms of aid given by more economically developed countries (MEDCs) to less economically developed countries (LEDCs)? Explain how useful the aid is and evaluate why some aid is more successful than other aid.

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What are the different forms of aid given by more economically developed countries (MEDCs) to less economically developed countries (LEDCs)? Explain how useful the aid is and evaluate why some aid is more successful than other aid. Hafiza Bhabha 11 JT Aid... many less developed countries (LEDCs) rely on aid. In the Oxford dictionary aid is defined as, "Something that helps, money, food, etc. Sent to another country to help it..." Aid is not only given by countries (governments) but is also given by organisations which help a certain place or fund a certain project, such as Oxfam who helps those children in Africa. The real purpose of giving aid is to help those countries that need to develop their economy so that they can improve their standard of living and quality of living. At times giving and receiving aid is complex, as it may not benefit the country, as it could be unsuccessful. Many developing countries need aid because they may have large and increasing trade debts, unfortunately they need to borrow money from MEDCs, however, sometimes by doing this, they fall into bigger, more dangerous debts. Other issues such as earthquakes, volcanoes, etc, also lead countries to borrow more money. ...read more.


This organisation is doing a lot of things for LEDCs. At the moment they are helping the villagers of Manchamvwa in Zambia by providing irrigation kits to ensure water from the lake gets to the crops. Oxfam hopes that if the aid is successful it could bring long-term benefits to the people and help them to grow food all year round. The advantages of this are that people in the villages get fresh water and don't have to travel miles for clean water. They will also live healthier lives and be able to grow their crops a lot better. This is long-term aid, however once the irrigation kits are completed the organisation will stop giving the aid. This could raise problems, as the villagers may not know how to maintain the kits. The only way in which to solve this problem will be to teach the people everything about the kits. (Global Eye and Oxfam Website) The DFID (Department For International Development) is a British Government Organisation, which helps many different countries, such as Ethiopia, South Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. At the moment the British Government is helping the humanitarian situation in Ethiopia. They have tried to help by reducing the poverty. ...read more.


This is not the only problem. Not one country in South Africa has the facilities to detect GM crop and have no real knowledge of biotechnology and even bio safety. Unfortunately the US grain companies refuse to mill it they say because of the cost and also that it will delay the relief effort. (The Guardian Newspaper) The reason why this aid was unsuccessful is because they didn't meet the specific needs of the countries. The developing country needed food, however they needed food that they were used to. The United States were only prepared to give GM seeds but to some of these people it would only cause more problems. The country needs to supply the food that is really needed because otherwise it may throw the LEDC in to deeper debt. I feel that the only way in which to give successful aid is through the best research and meeting the specific needs of the country. Doing this coursework has allowed me to expand my knowledge on the world and how things are dealt with; I have developed skills in researching and analysing. At times finding what I needed was very difficult, such as unsuccessful aid, however in the end, it was found. Overall this coursework was very interesting and I have enjoyed working on it ...read more.

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