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What are the religious and legal positions concerning abortion?

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Abortion Assessment What are the religious and legal positions concerning abortion? Abortion is the premature expulsion of the foetus from the womb. This can be spontaneous or natural when the foetus does not develop well or is damaged and dies and is then naturally expelled which is other known as miscarriage. Another type of abortion, which is a big issue and causes a lot of disagreements amongst people, is procured abortion through surgical procedure. Abortion was legalised in Britain in 1967 by the Abortion Act. The Abortion Act is the law involved in every case of abortions in Britain. Abortion can be performed legally in under certain circumstances such as if the mental/physical health of a woman or her existing children will suffer if the pregnancy continues or if the child, if born would be seriously physically or mentally handicapped. An abortion can be granted if two doctors have signed a certificate approving of it. Also another law in Britain concerning abortion is that the time limit of having one is 24 weeks. The reason why there are laws on abortion in Britain is simply to prevent the increasing number of illegal abortions. ...read more.


Nevertheless looking at another different view. The Church of England (Anglicans) teaches that abortion is always to be viewed as a serious matter. It takes a compassionate line and accepts that it may be necessary to avoid a greater evil. They accept abortion if the child or mother's life is in real danger because of her physical or mental state or if the pregnancy is the result of a rape or if the foetus is severely abnormal. "The son of man will die as the scriptures say he will; but how terrible for that man who betrays the son of man. It would have been better for that man if he had never been born" Anglicans use this reading to support their view and say that the bible agrees with abortion. A number of organisations offer advice and support for different situations. Some help with abortions, others are against it. LIFE is a national charity that is a pro-life organisation and is committed to upholding the respect for human life from conception. They believe that every single person is valued and appreciated by God and also believe that they need to stand for the rights of the unborn child who is helpless and unable to defend him/herself. ...read more.


There is also the commandment; "Thou shalt not kill". I believe that life begins at conception; therefore every abortion is murder. The foetus is not just a disposable clump of cells, but a unique and individual human life. Yes, it is true that the foetus is dependant on the mother for food and protection, but then so is the young child, and if this argument is put forward by people who are pro-choice, does it mean then that they are also in favour of child murder? On the other hand if I were in a situation where I was considering abortion, I wouldn't be too certain if my view now would change during a time like that. I think that abortion could be right in certain cases like rape but I still think that there are lots of other options available to the mother like adoption or fostering. I believe that the law should be changed to prevent women from aborting just because they don't feel like they want a baby or that it will be too inconvenient for them. I think that there should be far more information on other options when it comes to having a baby rather than abortion. ...read more.

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