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What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Cosmological Argument?

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What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Cosmological Argument? The Cosmological Argument is one that involves us to always bring out the big question, and develop it. It also requires you to work out the flaws and the good aspects of it. The word cosmological comes from the Greek word cosmos, meaning 'universe' or 'world'. The Cosmological Argument does not seek to prove God's existence from a definition of the concept of God, but rather from an analysis of our experiences of the world about us. ...read more.


Fallacy Of Composition, this shows how things which may seem big and difficult to answer to be broken down into smaller questions. The Fallacy Of Composition is basically where you describe the parts of something, so therefore you have described it all e.g. instead of explaining the existence of the world, you explain everything in it, thus explaining the world. This therefore means that if the question of God seems to be something which you can't explain all you need do is describe is everything in the world, find out where it started and then say it all just came from God. ...read more.


The idea of God creating everything is something people have just associated with the beginning of everything is because there is no rational explanation to it. Although if something could be around for eternity why shouldn't that happen? Something, if left for eternity is bound to change, like the world for example, overtime it has changed, so the creation of it all given eternity could have changed a significant amount, and as we have no idea how long eternity could be. It could have changed so much that we have no idea how it all began. ?? ?? ?? ?? Theology Essay Mr Richardson 13:35 ...read more.

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