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What beliefs do Christians hold about their responsibility for those at the beginning and end of their lives etc?

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What beliefs do Christians hold about their responsibility for those at the beginning and end of their lives etc? The Christian Community believe that God is the author of life, thus as God gives us the gift of life, therefore he and only he can take life away from us. All us Christians believe that the most fundamental right, which we humans are entitled to, is the right to life. This important right doesn't only apply to young people but instead to all the community ranging from babies and children, to adults and also pensioners. Most important of all, Christians also believe the right to life extends to unborn children. Because of our Christian beliefs, we therefore condemn anyone who chooses to end the life of one of "God's creatures", in the form of the "Abortion". But some religions try to manipulate this question to their advantage by asking "When does an embryo become a baby?" My belief as a Roman Catholic is that, soon after fertilisation, there is a potential to life. Therefore in the Roman Catholic Church's opinion we as Catholics must stand up and fight against any type of abortion. ...read more.


From the Roman Catholic Church's point of view, to turn off a 'brain dead' person's life support machine is not murder or doing God's work, but instead is the humane thing to do in most cases. Personally I feel that this isn't murder, yet is a peaceful way of letting a loved one pass away. "What Christians believe about life is up to them. They should not try to make others accept their position" The comment above divides a number of people opinions towards their religion. Some groups of people agree with the comment while, other groups completely reject it for their own reasons. People who at least practically agree with the statement may say, that there are many world religions, and it would be unfair to condemn their beliefs. They may believe that because we live in a multi-cultural society, then people are entitled to believe what ever they like. On the other hand, us Christians believe that we have the truth about life and morals, therefore just because other people are either 'sinful', lazy or believe in false Gods, doesn't mean that Christians should be stopped, from trying to convert them to Christianity. ...read more.


Rape, disability or teenage pregnancy. Catholic teaching rejects the feminist arguments on abortion, we are taught that although it is a women's right or that the woman owns her body, so even in difficult cases, Catholics are told to reject abortion. We are told to take a "Pro-Life" stance, as even in rape the baby is innocent and may also be considered to be a victim. When a woman becomes pregnant (either while in a relationship or after rape etc.), she may become under immense pressure and so to help these women there are many organisations, e.g. 'LIFE', 'CURA', 'SPUC'. 'LIFE' and 'CURA' are two voluntary caring organisations that exist to provide such help. 'CURA' mainly helps in counselling, advice and acting on the women's behalf. While LIFE, provides free pregnancy testing, counselling, practical help and even accommodation if needed. Also both groups are available for giving support in counselling women who experience post-abortion trauma. SPUC stands for the Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child. This is an organisation, which campaigns vigorously against abortion by lobbying MP's, resisting changes in legislation that makes abortion more acceptable. They also provide factual information about abortion and the development of the unborn child. Paul Mc Closkey RE Coursework 5 Lyndon ...read more.

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