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What beliefs would a Christian today derive from the titles used of Jesus?

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Theo Yiangou 5 Fisher Coursework Assessment Objective 1: What beliefs would a Christian today derive from the titles used of Jesus? The three main titles used for Jesus were The Messiah, 'The Son of God' and The 'Son of Man'. I will be discussing these titles and will try to answer the following questions to the best of my ability. Messiah The Idea of Messiah in Judaism This idea developed through three stages. Judaism first believed the kings that belonged to King David's line of kingship as 'Messiahs'. Kings, Priests and Prophets were anointed with oil. Judaism looked at King David as a Messiah as he united various tribes of Israel into one kingdom and Israel had become a strong kingdom under his leadership. In the Old Testament it records the Israelite understanding that God would make the Davidic dynasty would last and would be the way that God would save his people from foreign invaders. However, this Davidic dynasty did not remain strong and many kings that followed David were corrupt. This explains why the idea of Messiah moved into its second stage. The people began to look to the one who would be the savior that they were looking for, whom God would establish his reign where there would be no more injustice. There was also a belief that this king would bring Universal peace. The idea furthered when it was believed that the Messiah would not come immediately but would arrive in years to come. This was believed because the Jewish people were left without a king, as, in 587 BC, the Babylonian army conquered the Southern kingdom of Israel with their temple being destroyed. ...read more.


The title 'Son of God' is the most popular title given to Jesus. There are two major events in the life of Jesus that confirms that he was the Son of God. These are during the Baptism and Transfiguration of Jesus. During Jesus' Baptism, God says ' you are my own dear son. I am pleased with you' and during Jesus' Transfiguration, God says, ' this is my son, listen to him'. There is also a third passage in the trial before the High Priest where he says, 'Are you Christ, Son of Blessed one'. Jesus answers, 'I am'. There are also five major texts in Mark's Gospel which deal with this title; Mark 1:1-'Here begins the Gospel of Jesus Christ Son of God', Mark 1:11-'Thou art my son, listen to him', Mark 9:7-'This is my son listen to him', Mark 12:6- 'He had only one left to send, his own dear son', Mark 15:39-'Truly this man was the Son of God'. All of these passages together deal with a number of points about the Son of God- that he was appointed by his father, he is there to stand against evils in the world, love and justice and that God and Jesus had a close relationship. Relevance of the title the 'Son of God' Christians today usually think the term 'Son of God' shows that Jesus is not just the Messiah but that he is God 'becoming man'. The Nicene Creed uses the word 'begotten'. This tells us that God the father did not 'create' or 'make' God the Son but is generated from him. ...read more.


The title 'Son of Man' refers to the one who will suffer for others so that they may be saved. This is relevant as it shows what Jesus was willing to do for others and that his death and resurrection are saving. This is because by Jesus giving his life without end to a new life. People can share in this new life because it is life without end (God's life). It is also because since Jesus offers his life foe all people are not trapped in their own sin but can be given a new life free from sin. It is also because Jesus offers all people his own risen life, which shows that God does not Hold people's sins against them. This is shown when Jesus heals a crippled man (Mark 2:10). Jesus speaks of himself as one who will come in glory as the Son of Man or that he will come in the clouds I n glory, three times. In Mark 8.38, he says that if people are ashamed of Jesus, then Jesus will be ashamed of them, when he comes in glory. This shows three things for Christians today. It shows that those who remain loyal to God will share in the glory. It also shows that those who have denied Jesus by living ungodly lives will share in his glory. It also shows that since I n Daniel 7, the Son of Man represents the Saints of the Most High, Christians believe that all people are called to share in Jesus' mission and so ultimately in his glory. Christians believe people can do this by choosing to die to their sins and to share in the life of Jesus. ...read more.

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