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What biblical and Church teachings might be used in a discussion about abortion?

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Abortion a) i. What is meant by the word 'abortion'? Abortion is the ending of pregnancy before birth. It is sometimes described as a termination of the foetus but some people call it murdering. Miscarriage is another term used for the ending of pregnancy before birth but this occurs naturally whereas abortion is deliberate. ii) What biblical and Church teachings might be used in a discussion about abortion? The Baptist union describe abortion as the end of pregnancy before birth. Sometimes this happens naturally and then is called a miscarriage. But if the pregnancy is ended deliberately it is known as an abortion or termination. A number of Baptists condemn abortion; they would say that if it's not the taking of life then it is the taking of potential life. The Baptist Union does agree with abortion if the following reasons occur: 1. If it was agreed that the life of the mother would be in danger if she was to give birth 2. If it was known the baby would be severely handicapped when born 3. If the pregnancy was a result of rape 4. Or if the social conditions for the child would not give it an opportunity of a full human life The Salvation believes in the sanctity of life from the moment of fertilisation and that it is a gift from God to be protected. ...read more.


Exodus "If men who are fighting hit a pregnant woman and she gives birth prematurely but there is no serious injury, the offender must be fined whatever the woman's husband demands and the court allows. 23 But if there is serious injury, you are to take life for life, 24 eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, 25 burn for burn, wound for wound, bruise for bruise." This means that the man should get fined for harming the foetus but if anything more happens for instance the woman is harmed then the man should have done to him whatever damage was done to her. This implies that the mother is more important than the foetus. Anglicans would use this quote to justify abortion if the mother is in danger from the foetus. Ecclesiastes 5 says 'As you do not know the path of the wind, or how the body is formed in a mother's womb, so you cannot understand the work of God, the Maker of all things.' I think this means as we do not know how life works or how babies are formed in the womb, we cannot understand the work of God and should not change it by abortion. Also the 10 commandments states "Thou shall not kill" and if there is potential life in the womb then abortion is going against this commandment which is why some Christians may be against the termination of a foetus before birth. ...read more.


I don't think that people can go strongly against abortion unless they have been in a situation where they may need one, because if they got raped then surely they wouldn't want to give birth to the baby of a rapist? In a way abortion is a good thing to be legal because it prevents women from wanting back street abortions and risking her life. But if abortion was legal and easy it might encourage more women to have unprotected sex just because abortion is there and that would be making the risk of STD's higher. Put yourself in a parents position when your daughter gets raped and falls pregnant due to this, that is when your conscience may make you go against your religion or morals and allows abortion. As I am not of any religion I cannot say my views on abortion from a religious side and I don't think there can ever be a clear answer on abortion unless that person has been in a situation where they need one or could have had one. Abortion can never be justified as a form of contraception, but then it just depends on the circumstances. For example it could be a young girl who is pregnant in the middle of her GCSEs and her parents want her to have an abortion or a girl who was drunk and had been taken advantage of, in that case it would not be her fault. ...read more.

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