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What can a study of Mark's Gospel tell us about discipleship?

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What can a study of Mark's Gospel tell us about discipleship? A disciple is someone who believes in and helps to spread the teachings of another. Jesus chose his disciples by picking them out from his followers. The disciples were chosen for three main reasons, * to be trained for the task of sharing in Jesus' mission, * to be the first group of followers who would bring others into the community, and * to be the ones to continue Jesus' mission when he had gone. Jesus often taught the disciples in private and there he explained his teaching in great depth for them, when they were alone Jesus also taught them what it means to be a disciple. When Jesus was choosing the disciples he had to be careful of who to choose, because Jesus chose twelve and made them apostles, they were then preachers and had the power and authority to drive out demons. Jesus chose twelve disciples, this might have been symbolic because in the old testament Jacob, who was one of the great patriarchs ...read more.


Jesus warned his disciples that life would be hard because of their work for god and because of Jesus' own work he would end up with suffering and death. Jesus knew this because he was aware that his popularity and work was seen as a threat by his enemies. Disciples had to be prepared to suffer for their beliefs. Modern Christians believe that they are disciples of Jesus and believe that it is important to learn Jesus' teachings and to put them into practice in daily life. In their eyes Jesus was a good example of the life god wanted the people to live. Jesus said "whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me the Gospel will save it." In that quote Jesus is talking to the people who don't follow him because they fear the costs it will have. This means that rather then saving their life they risk losing their eternal life. The disciples where sent out on a mission by Jesus to go out and spread the faith. ...read more.


There were three reasons for Jesus sending the disciples out on this mission. They were: * To tell people that they should repent their sins and turn back to God. * To drive out evil spirits. * To anoint sick people with oil and heal them. Jesus teaches us that those people unequivocally decide to follow God and a Christian way of life will be rewarded many times in their lifetime. The greatest reward that can be received is the promise from Jesus for eternal life. So in a conclusion a study of Mark's Gospel teaches us that in a way every Christian is a disciple by spreading the word of God either by word of mouth or even in a religion class in school. Discipleship is a part of life for Christians and Mark's gospel shows that clearly. In today's world people aren't called disciples but we refer to them as missionaries, and although the teachings have changed the lessons are still the same and they are all as relevant as they were when Jesus taught them. Victoria Martin S1A Sister Yvonne - 1 - ...read more.

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