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What can a study of Marks Gospel tell Christians about what it means to be a disciple?

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R.E AO1 Coursework What can a study of Marks Gospel tell Christians about what it means to be a disciple? Jesus chose twelve disciples to be with him, so that he could prepare them to continue his mission without his help for when he leaves them to go to his father.? "Come with me, and I will teach you to catch people." By studying Marks Gospel, Mark tells us that discipleship means to be a committed follower of Christ and to follow the ways and teachings of Jesus, even when it becomes challenging, difficult and a big responsibility. The disciples were asked to give up a lot. They were asked to follow Jesus wherever he went, to leave their families, to leave most of their belongings and give up all of their riches and luxuries. ...read more.


Then the rich man stated, "Teacher, ever since I was young, I have obeyed all these commandments". Jesus looked straight at him with love and said, "You need only one thing. Go and sell all that you have and give the money to the poor and you will have riches in heaven; then come and follow me". Hearing this the man went away very sad as he was very rich but wanted eternal life. Jesus gave the invitation of discipleship to the rich man, but he declined, as he was blinded by material wealth and was too selfish to consider giving it up. An example were the invitation was accepted is the story of the 'Widow's Offering' (Mark 12:41-44) As Jesus sat near the temple treasury, he saw many rich men drop large amounts of money into the offering box. ...read more.


Jesus showed his dependence on God, and so the disciples had to do the same, which confirmed their faith in Jesus. Mark's Gospel tells us that Jesus' disciples were always in his company. They learned to share his life, his understanding of God and share his values about the kingdom of God. Although that was true, the disciples sometimes had a lack of faith towards him. An example of this is the story, "Jesus calms a storm" (Mark 4:35-41). The disciples got into a boat to get away from the crowds of people. Suddenly a strong wind blew up and started to frighten the disciples while the wind was moving the boat vigorously from side to side. When Jesus calmed it, Jesus was annoyed as he saw they still lacked faith in him." To be a true disciple, you must have never ending faith towards Jesus and show no lack of it, even if you have queries or doubts. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ashley Shackell R.E A01 Coursework ...read more.

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