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What can a study of marks gospel tell Christians of various denominations about the meaning and importance of the Sabbath?

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Ao1 What can a study of marks gospel tell Christians of various denominations about the meaning and importance of the Sabbath? In the Jewish belief, the Sabbath is a holy day, a day of rest. They do not work or do anything involving work. It is a day spent with family and friends. They practice this by visiting the synagogue with their family friends and other worshippers and pray to God. For the Jews, the Sabbath day is special for a lot of different reason. They celebrate it because during the creation of the world, god rested on this day. The celebration of the Sabbath initially came from the 10 commandments. The third commandment is "You shall remember and keep the Sabbath day holy." ...read more.


He said this with authority. He changed the meaning of the Sabbath. Initially, the Sabbath rule was strictly, no work, but Jesus altered it so that there was a new definition. The definition is; you can not work on the day of the Sabbath but still keep it holy. Christians now spend their day of worship with their families and friends. Going to mass on Sunday and eating the traditional Sunday dinner with family and friends. In marks gospel, Jesus says 'Some Christians don't go to mass or spend the day with loved ones, they choose maybe to stay by themselves'. Having a lie-in in the mornings is often done as people are not so keen on waking up early on Sundays. ...read more.


The bread that the Catholics receive is unleavened bread. In the time of Moses, when he was leading the all of the Jews out of slavery in Egypt, they had no time to wait for the bread to rise. They left in a hurry with it unleavened and that is how we receive it today. Some Christians do not go to church because they feel they do not have to. If they have other things to do on a Sunday, or even Saturday night, they might choose not to go to church. They would rather not sacrifice their time for God. This is considered in marks gospel, by Jesus to be a sin. It is clearly stated in the ten commandments that the Sabbath day is to be kept holy, meaning attending mass. ...read more.

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