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What Can A Study Of St Marks Gospel Tell Christians Today About What It Means To Be A Disciple?

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What Can A Study Of St Marks Gospel Tell Christians Today About What It Means To Be A Disciple? St Marks Gospel has many stories that tell Christians many things. Something that it teaches Christian's is what it means to be a disciple. Disciple is the term used to describe a follower of the doctrines of a teacher or school of thought. The disciples of Jesus went out to preach in His name. Christians today try to be followers of Jesus like the twelve disciples were. However the disciples were not always perfect followers of Jesus. Firstly Jesus tries to show that a good disciple must make sacrifices. A story that tells Christians that disciples needed to make sacrifices is, "The Widow at the Treasury". In this story many rich men came in to the temple treasury and Jesus, who was sitting nearby, watched as they dropped in a lot of money. ...read more.


When Jesus told them to, "forget self", this meant to forget their past and what they have done. Secondly, Jesus told them to "carry his cross". This quote shows that Jesus wants them to take responsibility for their actions. Thirdly Jesus said that they will have to follow Him. He also said that they should give their life for Him and the Gospel. Jesus then continued and said that if someone is ashamed of Him, then Jesus, God, and the Holy Angels will be ashamed of them in the Kingdom Of God. This story can tell Christians that we should follow Jesus in the way he told his disciples to. Some stories in St Mark's gospel tell Christians that the disciples were not perfect. Firstly, in "Jesus Predicts Peter's Denial", Jesus told his disciples, "All of you will run away and leave me, for the scripture says, God will kill the shepherd, and the sheep will all be scattered. ...read more.


Peter denied it again. A little while later, a bystander said, "You can't deny that you are one of them, because you too are from Galilee". Then Peter said, "I swear that I am telling the truth! May God punish me if I am not I do not know the man you are talking about". Just then a cock crowed a second time, and Peter remembered what Jesus had said to him. And then he broke down and cried. Peter didn't admit because he was scared that he would be put to death. He then realized what he had done and he showed his remorse. This tells Christians that the disciples also made mistakes and they were not perfect. St Marks Gospel tells Christians that the disciples had to make sacrifices, to forget their pasts, take responsibility for their actions and to follow Jesus. These are all things that Christians should try to aspire to. However, it also tells Christians that they made mistakes, and sometimes betrayed Jesus. ?? ?? ?? ?? Connor Watts Year 10 R.E Coursework Question 1 - 1 - ...read more.

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