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What Christian teachings may be used in a discussion about abortion?

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(A) ii - What Christian teachings may be used in a discussion about abortion? When having a discussion concerning abortion and Christian teachings about abortion, it is important to understand that the different denominations of the Christian Church have different views upon the subject. Roman Catholics are understood to be Pro-Life and Protestant Churches are also understood to be Pro-Life but to a much lesser extent. Abortion is a very controversial subject mainly because it is very personal but also because abortion takes place in many different situations and for many different reasons. For Christians the question that is disagreed upon most often and will contribute largely for a unanimous view about abortion is: "When does a foetus become a human? Is it when ovum is fertilised, when the embeds itself in the womb, when the human is born or another time entirely?" A woman called Julia Jarvis Johnston takes a very unorthodox approach to the issues covered by this question. ...read more.


Another analogy she uses is for the failing of contraception: "At the hospital you have consented to have an operation on your knee. However the doctors at the hospital fail and they believe that you are the person who volunteered to replace the liver of the famous violinist. They give you a general anaesthetic and attach you to the violinist while you are unconscious you awake to find yourself attached to the violinist and are in formed that if you unattach yourself from the violinist that he will die. You have not consented to support the violinist however due to a failing you have ended up supporting the life of the violinist and it is your right unattach yourself." The aforementioned question (When does a foetus become a human?) is very important to the Christian Faith because in the Ten Commandments it is said do not murder and to murder they have to be a human. ...read more.


It would never be made human if it was not human already." Other Christian teachings may take other stances on the matter, for example people from a protestant church may believe at times abortion is a necessary evil and use the "double effect" teaching to argue that sometimes the death of the child is a foreseen but unintended effect of the main action, which is attempting to save the mother. Sometimes protestant Christians (and sometimes others, but stereotypically protestants) argue that it is necessary to kill the child as a form of euthanasia because they had contracted a virus and their life would not be very painful. To be moral in the eyes of a Christian the person who had the abortion would have to be sure that their intentions were for the welfare of the child and not for the welfare of themselves. ...read more.

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