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What Christians believe about life is up to them. They should not try to make others accept their position Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer showing you have considered more than one point of view.

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Religion Coursework Question 3 "What Christians believe about life is up to them. They should not try to make others accept their position" Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer showing you have considered more than one point of view. This is a highly controversial issue especially in today's society, which has many different cultures and faiths all over the world. As a human Christians believe that we are all sinners and that we should not judge but instead follow Christ and spread the Word of God. I do not agree with this statement though Christians can't force anyone to do or believe anything however, as Christians there is a duty to inform people about the Christian views and spread word about the Lord as Jesus asked. I think the statement is very general and assumes that all Christians have the same views, which may be true to a certain extent though some Christians believe abortion and euthanasia are acceptable under some circumstances. For instance Christians in the Netherlands have clinics for euthanasia. I believe everyone is entitled to have his or her own beliefs although just because abortion and euthanasia have been made ...read more.


However some Christian do try to make others believe what they believe and sometimes in a militant way. For example when a group of Christian protestors where outside an abortion clinic. One of the protestors shot at a doctor about to enter the clinic. Those Christians may condemn women who have abortions but other Christians remember John 2:7 and say "Let those who are without sin cast the first stone" which tells them that even though others sin we should not judge them. People may say claim that Christians interfere with other people live and try to force Christian beliefs on them by saying that non-Christian beliefs are wrong but this is impossible to do as no belief is wrong as such. Though people say this, they are mistaken as Christians cannot force another person to believe as Christians believe although Christians are merely trying to spread their views taught by Jesus as he asked his disciples to do long ago. Today we live in a liberal and unmoral society where not everyone believes in Christianity and have his or her own views on issues like abortion. ...read more.


However, if this person is living within the law, following their conscience and rejecting evil then they must already be living their life as Christians wish to live theirs, by following the Ten Commandments but doing this without recognizing them as something they live their life by. In conclusion, I believe that as Christians are in no way capable of forcing someone to believe as Christians do the statement is unreliable and possibly biased. It is a very generalized statement and doesn't take into account the different denominations beliefs within Christianity. However, the statement does realize that Christians do try to spread Christianity but mistakes it for trying to force non-Christian denominations into believing Christian beliefs about abortion and euthanasia which is impossible as different Christian denominations believe different views on abortion and euthanasia, for example on euthanasia most Christians are against it although there are still the Christians in the Netherlands that agree with it. Christians I believe must have care and respect for others opinion. Although being a Christian requires you to follow the word of God and if you did otherwise that would change your status as a Christian. Overall tolerance is essential for we live in a democratic country and in multi cultural societies. ...read more.

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