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What did discipleship mean for the first disciples? A disciple was someone who followed or learned form another leader

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R.E Coursework What did discipleship mean for the first disciples? A disciple was someone who followed or learned form another leader. There were many disciples to many different leaders in Jesus' day, but Jesus disciples were different as they did not choose to follow him they were more special to Jesus as Jesus chose them, as most people choose who they want to follow themselves. Jesus' disciples had more difficulty as they had more work to do for example healing sick people. For the first disciples, discipleship meant responding immediately to Jesus' call. They had to preach the good news to people in order to catch followers into the kingdom of god. They would have to heal people, including those physically sick and those believed to be possesses by demons. God had to act through the disciples. He couldn't act through them if they didn't have any faith. They had to be confident in God, themselves and what they preached. An example of when they did not have enough faith to heal is 'The Epileptic Boy'. ...read more.


It was hard for the disciples to accept one another. One of the disciples was known as Levi-a tax collector. He was regarded as an outcast, he would have been very wealthy because of his job and, like the other disciples had to give up all to follow Jesus. He would have found it hard because when he left his job he could not get it back. He had no safety net likewise with the other disciples. The other disciples had to accept Levi as their friend which went against their Jewish customs and what they had been raised as. The disciples had to accept that people wouldn't always listen to them, "If a place does not welcome you and people refuse to listen to you....shake the dust from under your feet as a sign to them". (Mark 6: 7-13) Even their own people might not listen, "A prophet is never accepted in his own town." The disciples needed courage and strength to accept and sometimes ignore peoples words and actions. ...read more.


When Jesus says, " Can you drink the cup that I must drink," (Mark 10 :35-45) he lets the disciples know of the cup he is drinking but there is a hidden message. The cup he drinks and the cup he is asking the disciples to drink is a cup of suffering and he wants the disciples to know if they follow Jesus they will have suffering it is not all good. The meaning of discipleship for the first disciples was basically giving up everything to follow Jesus and also about having complete faith in him. It was hard for a disciple to give up so much, 'The Rich Young Man' was one who failed to give up everything he had to follow Jesus. Sometimes the disciples failed, however the rewards it brought them were great and they became Jesus' closest friends. Fellow Christians, would be their new brothers and sisters. "I tell you that anyone who leaves homes for brothers or sisters or mother or father or children...will receive a hundred times more houses, brothers, sisters, mothers, children and fields." (Mark 10 : 28-31).Jesus promised the disciples the ultimate reward of eternal life. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ciara Loughran 11x Religion coursework- Mrs Mc Farland ...read more.

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