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What difficulties might there be for a muslim performing Hajj?

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What difficulties might there be for a muslim performing Hajj? There are two different types of difficulties that a Muslim will face on Hajj. There is a physical side that involves the body and the effect it will have on the body. Plus the mental aspect which will be stressing and taxing on the mind and spirit. The physical side involves the events of Hajj starting with Ihram. While in the state of Ihram a muslim is not allowed to wear shoes and many muslims will choose to go barefoot. This is extremely dangerous because of the very hot conditions of Saudi Arabia especially for a muslim who is not used to these type of conditions. The Circling (Tawaf) is also very dangerous. The circling alone is tight, compact and many people get squashed and crushed together. ...read more.


People may get overcrowded and again this could lead to trampling of people or stampedes. The Stand is the next event that will take a toll on the body. A muslim will have to stand from sunrise to sunset in the blistering heat without taking anythime out to relax. This causes sunburn, sunstroke and extreme cases of dehydration. Stoning the Jamaras is the next event. This isn't a great deal of danger but some people will get hit by pebbles and this may hurt and if not, irritate badly. The final part of Hajj is Id Ul Adha. It is another task that may not be body harming but having to kill a live animal is dangerous and a pilgrim will get kicked and beaten by it if he does not do it well. ...read more.


This may not be easy for some muslims because it is not what they are like and how they are used to behaving. All of the events will distract from Ihram. They may get irritated doing one of the events on Hajj and to be completely focused is not easy. Whether they get pushed or shoved during the circling, bitten by a mosquito, having to contend with the blistering heat, everything that happens may distract them and a muslim should give all his effort to keep the correct intention. The Stand is another mind challenging event. Trying to keep slef discipline for such a long amount of time is a hard task, it may cause a breakdown, people get tired and mentally exhausting constantly paraying and focusing on God. It is a boring and long task and many muslims may find it hard to keep focused. ...read more.

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