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What Discipleship meant to the first disciples and for Christians today.

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Discipleship Introduction This piece of coursework is about Discipleship. I am going to write about what Discipleship meant to the first disciples and for Christians today. Disciple basically means follower but not only in religious terms but it is possible to be a disciple of many things outside religion such as being a follower of Manchester United like I am. Going back in to Jesus' time there were only twelve disciples that Jesus chose. He chose these twelve because he wanted someone that he could trust and have faith in to spread and speak out the message to the people. He also chose twelve to reflect the twelve tribes of Israel and to show that there is a new covenant coming updating the older one. Looking at the background of the twelve, eleven of them were from Galilee and one was from Judea. Lets look at the eleven that were chosen from Galilee. The first two that were chosen were Simon and his brother Andrew. They were both fisherman. Simon was married and his name was later turned in to Peter, which meant 'rock'. They both left immediately when Jesus called them to follow him. The next two to be chosen were James and his brother John. They both were fisherman to working for their father Zebedee. They were later known as 'Sons of Thunder'. ...read more.


If you come to a town where people don't welcome you or don't listen to you leave it immediately and shake the dust off your feet. That will be a warning to them, what this meant was the ground the disciples walked on was not pure it was evil and so if they shake the dust off their feet the people will think something will happen to them. That was their first mission but their final mission was to go throughout the whole world and preach the gospel to the whole human race. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved and whoever does not believe will be condemned. What this teaches about discipleship is that it is very difficult. To go out to the whole world will take time but the message would spread quickly. Jesus told the disciples that it will be very hard to follow him, they must forget about themselves have trust in God and be humble. Jesus was right because the disciples did find it very difficult to follow Jesus. One example when the disciples found it difficult was when the disciples went to Bethsaida (Jesus walks on the water, Mark 6: 45-52) early on a boat without Jesus who was going to catch them up. What happened was Jesus walked on to the water to get to the boat but what happened was that the disciples thought it was a ghost but when they heard Jesus say to have courage they were amazed that it was Jesus. ...read more.


It is not possible to be a true disciple because most people are selfish and not willing to give up everything. We have more to give up than the first disciples because we live in a materialistic world. Jesus told the Rich man to give his money away but we need money to live. Most of us are not willing to suffer for what we believe in. It is hard to know what the will of Jesus is for us. We cannot just leave everything to follow Jesus we have responsibilities. People do not put themselves last; even in Church there are positions of greatness. Even Jesus' disciples deserted Him, how can we do better? We are not able to heal and cast out evil as the first followers of Jesus did. Well it is actually up to you if you do want to be a disciple or not. I think it is difficult to be a disciple of Jesus in the modern world because we have all these worldly pleasures around you and they are so important to you I don't think you can give them up that easily. One example would be money. People need money to buy everything they need but what they don't think is that once they die they wont be able to take anything with them. If you want to become a disciple then you will need to give up worldly pleasures like money otherwise there will be no Kingdom of God for you. ...read more.

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