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What do Catholics believe about abortion…?

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What do Catholics believe about...? The Catholic Church believes that the main purpose of sex is to bond a couple and to reproduce. Sex should only be used in a marriage. "Be fruitful and increase, fill the earth..." Genesis 1:28. Contraception is the use of an artificial device to prevent conception. If the word is split 'contra' means against and 'ception' means conception, this means against conception. This is why Catholics are against contraception because they think every time a married couple have sexual relationships they should be open to the possibility of a child. Natural family planning or the rhythm method is when a couple find out when a woman is not fertile and then they only have sex on those days which means there is a small chance of them getting pregnant if carried out correctly. ...read more.


It is never lawful, even for the gravest reasons to do evil that good may come of it..." HUMANAE VITAE-JULY 25TH 1968 All Catholics do not share the same outlook; the Anglican Church view is that a couple should be responsible as parents, therefore meaning they should limit the number of children to what they can afford. Also they have not decided when they think that life begins, they all have different opinions but they do not think that it is as simple as the ways the Catholic Church believe it. Some other Christians think that the mental and physical health of the woman is the most important thing and others think it will make a couple closer, as they have no fear of any consequences that may happen. ...read more.


"Unborn children are the poorest of the poor and they demand out protection" MOTHER TERESA Jesus did not help the rich people in society, as they were not the ones who needed his help, it was the poor people, so this is why Jesus and the catholic church believe that we should not have an abortion as it is just like turning away the people who need our help most. Some other Christians think that a woman should have the right to make her own decisions about abortion- a matter that concerns her body. Not everybody believes that life begins when the sperm and egg first meet, they believe at this point it is not a human but a potential human. It cannot lead its own independent life; it is just a part of the woman's body. Some religions find it acceptable if the mother's life is at risk, but only then can she have an abortion. ...read more.

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