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What do Christians believe about human responsibility for the created universe and their stewardship of it? Use Bible passages and Christian Church teaching to support your answer.

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AO1- What do Christians believe about human responsibility for the created universe and their stewardship of it? Use Bible passages and Christian Church teaching to support your answer. (16) The word "stewardship" is defined as "looking after something that is not your own; caring for it on behalf of an owner and then returning it." Human beings are the custodians and trustees of creation. Our role is to act as 'stewards' of the world God has created for us and look after the planet and maintain it for future generations. The Bible discusses Christian stewardship and the human responsibility of the created universe clearly and explicitly in Genesis. It outlines what God has created us for and what he expects of us as humans- created in 'his image' as described in Genesis 1:26-301. Most Christians see the principle of our stewardship in these four verses. In essence, God has told us to take care of the world for him and that is our great responsibility. More rules however, appear in other books of the Bible. For example in Deuteronomy 20:19-202, God reminds us of the destructive nature of war as all available wood was used to make siege towers. ...read more.


As Christians, what can we do on our own personal level? Someone once said. "One drop of water in the sea cannot be seen; but put the drops together and you get an ocean". This tells us that one person's seemingly insignificant action when put together with others it is significant. Therefore, take action by maybe writing a letter to your council expressing your concerns, join an environmental group like Greenpeace, organize groups to help clean up local parks, and give money to groups such as AROCHA. Even recycling at home can make a big difference. However, doing all of these things doesn't make it a Christian response. So what must we really do to make it a relevant Christian response? The motivation is provided in the teachings of the Bible, mentioned in AO1. Christians must first be aware of all of God's creation. Then one can move on to an appreciation of creation and in the appreciation only then a true Christian stewardship where your lifestyle and decision making is a reflection of Christian teaching on the environment achieved. Ed Beale is a twenty-seven year old Christian who did his part by raising money for Operation Noah (a climate change project of the Christian Ecology Link) ...read more.


Christian teaching is explicit, we are simply looking after the world for God, as Genesis points out: God created us to rule over the world for him in his image- to "have dominion" over his creatures. On the other hand, God nonetheless has given us the world to look after and as a result to a certain extent we can use it as we want. God has told us to: "Rule over the fish and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground." Thus, in essence God has entrusted us with his earth and instructed us to subdue it, and it is up to us whether we use it appropriately or abuse it. God has also given us free will on his planet but it is our responsibility to use it correctly. In Ezekiel 24:183 the way in which many of us treat the world today is reflected. The Bible is unequivocal in saying that the world is not our own, we are only here to look after it. In Isaiah 42:54 we are made clear on God's position in this world. I believe God as creator expects us to rule this world in a responsible manner and to treat it with care and love, whereas generally mankind has been greedy, short-sighted and selfish. ...read more.

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