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What do Christians believe about life after death?

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What do Christians believe about life after death? Jesus predicts his own death three times, the third time he took the disciples to one side and told them what will happen to himself and that he would be handed over to the Gentiles and would be tortured and killed "mock him, spit at him, whip him and kill him". The Pharisees had been plotting against Jesus to secretly arrest him and put him to death. And Judas agrees to betray Jesus he goes to the Pharisees and tells them this and he would be rewarded with money. The Pharisees had been plotting against Jesus since chapter 3 " they made plans to kill Jesus" and then when Jesus came to Jerusalem the Pharisees lost their patience with Jesus and planned to kill him " Secretly put him to death" but they did not the power to do this or the authority because the Romans were in power at the time and only could they allow this execution to happen. "You herd his blasphemy. What is your decision?" ...read more.


Protestants have different beliefs, conservative Christians believe that you are judged at the end of time and Christians go to heaven and non-Christians go to hell for eternal punishment. Some Protestants believe they go straight to heaven and most Christian's think of there loved ones being in heaven. Liberal Christians believe in but not a permanent place of punishment, they believe in living a good life and trusting that life after death will be sorted out "they believe that if they lead an ethical, caring life, that matters will sort themselves out after death" Explain why the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus is important for Christians today The suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus are important for Christians today because it shows how Jesus as a human being went through pain and suffering during and before his crucifixion this shows that God is willing to make sacrifices for us, and that if God is willing to do this for us then we should be just as willing as he. Jesus has shown us to overcome death by rising from the dead and to overcome the evil and death we should be inspired by this when we are down and get depressed of all the evil that surrounds us in the world. ...read more.


For a Christian to die for his/her beliefs does not make sense. It is better to live for them. Do you agree? Some people agree with this. This is because if you are dead and in heaven then how can you do Gods work on earth like helping the sick and caring for them like Mother Teresa did she followed the commandment to love your neighbour, as yourself and she believed in following Jesus teaching to help the needy when doing this by helping the poor you are also helping Jesus. Also other good Christians like Martin Luther King has used his beliefs to fight against racism, furthermore Oscar Romero dedicated his life to helping to poor like Mother Teresa did. But others disagree; this is because Jesus said, " You don't know what you are asking for. Can you drink from the cup of suffering" also it makes sense to die for your beliefs "Whoever wants to save his own life will lose it, but whoever loses his own life for me and for the gospel will save it" Jesus expects us to die for our beliefs people like mother Teresa, Martin Luther King and Oscar Romero were willing to do this to show their love for god. ...read more.

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