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What Do Christians Believe About The Death Of Jesus?

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What Do Christians Believe About The Death Of Jesus? Jesus was sent to earth by God. His mission was to bring the people of the world closer to God through preaching and teaching about God. In his short three year ministry opposition stedily grew against him. Mainly it was the Pharisees who opposed Jesus. They disliked his radical teachins, his criticism of their ways especially when he highlighted their hypocrisy. They believed that the best way to deal with this man who claimed to be God was to have him killed. ...read more.


Naturally, Jesus wanted his friends close by his side in this time of mental and spiritual suffering. Jesus must have found the thought of physical pain and torture very hard to take in. Jesus sought consolation from his father in prayer but unfortunately neither his own father nor his closest friends were helpful to him. Jesus' disciples did not pray with him, they were "Spiritually Asleep". Not one of the disciples knew what was happening to Jesus at this time or what was going to happen to him in the coming few days. There was also another disciple who did little to help Jesus. ...read more.


The trial before the High Priests shows us that the Jews were adamant that they would have Jesus killed. There were flase witnesses, all of whom had conflicting stories and made up evidence. This trial was, of course, very unjust, and extremely unfair. Jesus was accused of blasphomy but in Roman laws blasphomy didn't carry the death penalty, so they changed the charge to suit the Roman Govenor. Thus Pilate asks if he was King of the Jews and Jesus replied "So You Say". Pilate was thus accusing Jesus of treason, which carried the penalty of death. Pilate however knew that Jesus was innocent and attempted to set Jesus free. Pilate ...read more.

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