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What do Christians believe about the death of Jesus and life after death?

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AO1: What do Christians believe about the death of Jesus and life after death? Christians believe Jesus is the Son of God and was meant to die in order to remove the world from sin. The Jews seemed reluctant to recognise Jesus as the Son of God. However, the Centurion, a gentile, recognised Jesus as the Son of God at the crucifixion; this meant that the good news was for all people. Christians believe that God loved them so much that He was willing to let his son die so the world could be free from sin. Sacrifices took place annually and the blood was placed in the Holy of Holies to wash away sins so that Jews could start afresh. God did not want to continue in this way; he wanted to bring man closer to Him. Jesus was perfect and by being sacrificed, he took on the sins of those people in the world who believed in Him, forever. Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice, after Him there would be no need for anymore. It was because He was sacrificed that he was referred to as the Lamb of God. When Jesus died upon the cross, He died physically, not spiritually; His teachings lived on. When Jesus resurrected, He encouraged people to spread God's word. ...read more.


Some Christians believe that they are privileged to suffer; they believe it makes them a stronger person. Roy Castle, for example, died from Lung cancer and worked throughout his life, trying to teach people the effects of smoking and passive smoking. It seemed very unfair that he suffered because of other people. Roy realised this and gained a stronger sense of spirituality through his suffering. He tried to help smokers stop, and people with cancer. Roy was not angry with smokers, he just asked them if they would consider giving up. Roy Castle is an exemplar on how to live life as a Christian, positively and bravely. He felt privileged to help people whilst he himself was suffering; he felt it brought him closer to God. There are also other people who felt they grew from suffering. Mother Theresa felt she was closer to God and understood more about God when she was helping suffering people. A communist party arrested Richard Wurbrand, a Romanian, and tortured him in order to get the names of Christian leaders so they could be disposed of. Richard went on praying and talking to God. The jailer was so impressed by his loyalty and asked why he didn't give up on God. Richard said he now had a deeper understanding of God and would not give up hope. The jailer was converted to Christianity by Richard's actions and determination. ...read more.


Some people would say it is dangerous to be a Christian and they do not understand why people should die for their beliefs. They are prepared to make sacrifices, such as giving up time to go to church, or to help others and also obey the Sabbath but they do not feel it necessary to give up their life. Mother Theresa gave up her life of security for a new, poverty-stricken, demanding one in Calcutta. In a way, she gave up her life, but not for death, for a new one. Desmond Tutu spent his whole life, trying to fight for black people's rights in South Africa as Martin Luther King did for the black people of America. Unfortunately, Martin Luther King was killed whilst trying to do so. These people did not give up their life for death, but for a life that was unfamiliar to them and have, therefore, made a big sacrifice. As a Christian, I believe that although it should not be necessary for people to have to die for their beliefs, I am willing to do so. It takes a lot of courage to do but we shall all be rewarded for our efforts. If I did not feel prepared to die, if the opportunity was to arise, I know I would regret it for the rest of my life; I would feel the guilt resting on my conscience and would probably feel unable to commune with God because I had denied Him. Kirsten Farrell ...read more.

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