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What do Christians believe about their responsibility for other people?

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RE course work Skill AO1 What do Christians believe about their responsibility for other people? I am going to look at references from the bible and find out what the Catholic Church teaches, to find out what Christians believe about their responsibility for other people, not only Christians but also every religious group. There are a number of stories in the bible about how we should treat our neighbours, the ones I will look at were told by Jesus who uses stories to get across points to the people of the time, who could relate to these stories better. First I will look at Mark 12:31 this states 'Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is no greater commandment than these.' Jesus gave his people this commandment and told them that it is one of the greatest and one that should be followed strictly. Jesus also teaches 'If one of you wants to be great, he must be the servant of the rest.' These are where Christians are taught in the bible how to love his or her neighbours, Christians interpret this in different ways, different Christians have different priorities, some might put themselves before their neighbour and some put others before themselves. Sometimes our neighbour could be thousands of miles away in another country, but we still are showing charity to him or her by donating money to a cause, which helps people in need far away from modern society. ...read more.


The parable of the rich young man tells us that all earthly possessions are not needed because if your soul is pure then that is all you need to get into heaven, it tells us to sell what we don't need and give the money to the poor. Jamie McCue 617 Words RE course work Skill AO2 Choose 2 specific examples of problems concerning developing countries and explain how Christians might apply the beliefs you have identified to the problems. There are lots of problems concerning developing countries such as debt, climate, poverty and hunger. All are linked to each other, debt causes poverty and poverty causes hunger, and the climate is usually extremely hot which prevents crops growing well. The 2 I am going to look at are Debt and Poverty. Debt is closely linked with Poverty because it is debt that causes poverty and debt keeps people in poverty. First of all, debt was caused by the colonies that the western countries owned in other countries, parts of their empire. The country then became reliant upon that country for funding and government, then when the countries became independent they were poor, this was solved by a loan off a rich country, when they got the loan they spent it on getting the country back upon its feet. ...read more.


It makes people lazy and keeps them poor'. Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer showing that you have considered more than 1 point of view. Charity effects the poorer countries in different ways, some money may be GIVEN to a person, this would keep them poor because they have not gained anything they can keep, the have gained food for a week, when that money is gone its gone. If that money had gone towards teaching that man a trade e.g. fishing or weaving, the man could feed himself for the rest of his life. Some charity goes to building houses and hospitals ect. This money could of gone toward teaching and employing men to build and be employed to build others around that area; this in turn would employ more doctors and policemen. The economy would then slowly grow. It is easier to just give money out to people, and this is what is happening so the economy isn't growing. If more funding went to help people help themselves, then there would be a lot less funding needed and people could work themselves out of debt. In conclusion, the funding would be better off going towards training people to do specific skills even if it only keeps them in a job for a while, they know that skill and can use it to make money, rather than being handed money to use. Jamie McCue 251 Words ...read more.

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