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What do Christians teach about the soul and what happens to it after death?

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What do Christians teach about the soul and what happens to it after death? The soul is the immaterial part of a person. It is usually thought to consist of thoughts and personality, and can be identical with the spirit, mind or self. In theology, the soul is often believed to live on after the person's death, and some religions posit that God creates souls. The belief that we composed of both body and soul is known by philosophers as "dualism". The Bible takes this view point, every human is a union of "soma" which means body and "psyche" which means soul. ...read more.


The words mean that you will have a physical body after you are resurrected, but it will not be exactly as it now. It will be transformed by the power and glory of the spirit e.g. our body's age and one day will fail completely. Jesus himself and how his body seemed to change after the resurrection. A good example in the Bible about Jesus is when he approached two of the disciples on the road to Emmaus, the disciples did not notice him first , but only managed it after when he broke the bread during a meal like he did at the Last Supper "Jesus appeared in a different form" to two of the disciples". ...read more.


Also our soul "becomes open towards the all", in other words heavenly life will be essentially social, much more so than our current lives. Traditionally Hell is the place where sinner is sent at the Last Judgement for an eternity of punishment and separation from God. It is ruled over by the Devil. Hell is described in a prayer for the dead in Orthodox Christianity. Purgatory is a Catholic belief in a place of punishment where those go who need more time to repent of their sins, before they are worthy for heaven. In my opinion there is life after death because I believe that the role in this life leads to your next life. ?? ?? ?? ?? By A.Tejani 10PJF ...read more.

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