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What do followers of the religion you are studying may believe about the power of good, and the power of evil?

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A) What do followers of the religion you are studying may believe about the power of good, and the power of evil? Evil is non-existent, it is the absence of good in the world. Christians believe there are two types of evil; moral evil and natural evil. Moral evil is when people are deliberately cruel or uncaring, or a kind of wrong that happens due to human wickedness. Natural evil, is suffering caused because of natural evil, such as floods, disease, fires and earthquakes. It is also believed by some Christians, that evil is only a force. Christians have different views that question the existence of good and evil. Some Christians blame evil on the Devil, also known as Satan. Satan is believed to be the enemy of God, who rules in Hell and who tries to make humanity turn away from goodness. Traditionally, the Devil is of a red colour, with horns and forked tail. Some people say wherever there is suffering in the world or people choose to do wrong, it is because of the power of Satan, causing tragedy or encouraging evil in people. It is also believed that the Devil is more a supernatural evil force (Esphesians 6:10 - 13.) Some Christians also say that Adam and Eve brought evil into the world, when they disobeyed God. This is called 'the Fall', and is a myth and a powerful metaphor for what happens when people turn away from God. ...read more.


They would say that no matter how hard we try, we cannot really be as good and we ought to be. If the world were judged tomorrow in a kind of cosmic law court, none of us would do very well. But according to Christianity, God did not want this to happen, the love and obedience of Jesus had in dying can still somehow make up for everything that men and women do wrong. The idea that Jesus' death puts everything right between God and the world I regarded as 'the Atonement.' Down the centuries, Christians have come to agree, on the way in which, most of the big ideas of Christianity function. For instance, they quite quickly realised that the idea that Jesus showed what God was like, meant that he was a 'God-made man;' 'Who fears to suffer cannot belong to Him who suffered.' (Tertullian 3rd Century CE.) Overall, Christians believe that evil is a mystery and only God can understand good and evil; 'God sets the time for sorrow and the time for joy.' (Ecclesistates 3.4 Old Testament - futility of life.) B) Explain how followers of the religion you are studying may be influenced by these beliefs. Christians are faced with everyday situations that question their moral values. Their belief in Christianity can help them to overcome these obstacles in life. Most of the time, Christians would listen to their conscience as they believe that this is a gift that God has given them. ...read more.


Just because there is suffering in the world, it does not mean that God doesn't love humans. Every good thing always eliminates every evil that it knows about and can eliminate. Whether it eradicates evil fully or not, we are still doing good and I feel people do not recognise this enough. People focus more on evil, such as the child killers in the case of toddler James Bulger. The media spent much time magnifying the situation of the killers, but did not stop to think about the emotional disturbance and unsettlement that James' family were experiencing. I feel that this is why their family has had no justification within the Legal system. I cannot grasp why they lived a more luxurious life in prison than that of the Bulger family. Furthermore, why millions of pounds of our tax money was spent on keeping them in unnecessary luxury. Finally, my remaining point of view is with an optimistic Eschatological (focusing on how the future will ultimately be the true standard by which the present will be judged) value: * If God is all-powerful, then He can defeat evil. * If God is all loving and good, He will defeat evil. * Therefore, evil will be defeated (it is all God's plan.) Essentially I do not think that someone should be blamed whatever our different beliefs, but whatever is wrong we should try and put right; 'Your pain has a purpose. I can't tell you what that purpose is - that is something you will discover in your own walk with God.' (John Haggai 20th Century.) Moe Shimizu 10G ...read more.

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