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What does Discipleship mean to Christians today?

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Question 2 - What does Discipleship mean to Christians today? To Christians today, discipleship holds the same meaning as it did 2000 years ago to the very first disciples. The definition of a disciple being somebody who learns from a religious leader and lives according to his teachings is still relevant today, as is the nature of discipleship. However, as times have changed naturally so has what is expected of a disciple and obviously not all disciples can be expected to follow in the exact footsteps of Jesus and die to save sin otherwise there would be no disciples left to spread the Good News. However modern day disciples are still expected to follow Christ's teachings in every way that they can and work to overcome modern day barriers. ...read more.


To Christians today, there are no characteristics that disciples have to conform to as disciples are needed all over the world in every occupation and every area to ensure Gods Message is heard. In the calling of the first disciples in Mark 1:14-18 Jesus demonstrates the unimportance of occupation and social position by calling fishermen to be his first disciples - this story can give strength to modern day Christians as so much nowadays is based on social position and your annual income. It shows that no matter who you are, you can become a disciple. In the 21st century social position and the size of your salary is becoming increasingly important and being rich is an ambition of many. ...read more.


To apply the teachings about the Cost Of Discipleship in Mark 8:31-38, Christians must look deeply into what Jesus is telling his disciples. To 'deny self' means to put others before yourself like your family and friends and put their needs before your own. To 'take up your cross' means that being a disciple will inevitably involve persecution for example if a teenager becomes a disciple they may get bullied for their decision in school and being a true modern disciple means accepting this persecution. 'Follow me' means following Christ's footsteps; some people feel the call to become nuns or vicars and give up everything to God and some even become martyrs but the average person can follow Christ's footsteps by treating all who they meet in the same manner as Jesus did and in spreading the Good News. ...read more.

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