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What Does It Mean When Christians Talk About Jesus As The Son of God.

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Introduction When Jesus rose from the dead the disciples realized that they needed new ways of describing him to reflect his amazing power and holiness. They scoured the Hebrew and Jewish scriptures looking for something appropriate to call him by and came up with titles such as "Messiah", "Son of Man", "Son of David" and "Son of God". In the end Son of God became the most popular of these titles so that is what he became best known as. It is therefore the subject of my coursework. What Does It Mean When Christians Talk About Jesus As Son of God In the Old Testament, the words "Son of God" often meant someone who had a special relationship with God. However, Mark was also much influenced by the prophet Daniel, who spoke of the coming of the "Son of Man with the authority of God." Mark uses the title in the very first sentence of his gospel. "The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ the Son of God" He only uses these words two other times in the whole of the gospel (3:11 and 15:39). ...read more.


If they believe Jesus is God they will pray to him as God and worship him as God. Fundamentalists believe that Jesus' teaching is always right and non-negotiable because Jesus' word is God's word and God is never wrong. On divorce for instance Jesus says: "No human being must separate what God has joined together" (Mark 10:9) The vast majority of people nowadays believe that divorce is acceptable if the couple are unhappy. Fundamentalists, however, believe that divorce is never acceptable under any circumstances because Jesus said so and he is always right. Liberals believe that Jesus is the Son of God by adoption and not God's actual biological son, though they do see him as special. They pray only to God though they do pray to God through Jesus. However, they never pray to Jesus as God. Liberals believe Jesus was just a first century human being so his word and his teachings don't carry the same eternal truth as God's word carries. His teaching can in some areas be seen as irrelevant in today's society because he didn't know how society would have progressed 2000 years from his time. ...read more.


. They believe it creates disunity in the Church which is not good and is seen as a weakness in the religion. Those who argue that the ambiguity is not a problem defend the standpoint that it is an open issue and people should be allowed their own views. Faith is not an exact truth and debate can help people cement their beliefs. I would say that it is important to retain the title because this alone does not deter people from becoming Christians. Christians usually want to join the Church because of what they believe in, not because the faith is undecided on one issue. If the title were scrapped, this would mean changing something that has been in existence for around 2000 years and has been so central to Christianity for so long. Changing a historical religion now is far more likely to put people off than disagreement over what a title means. Therefore, I think there is absolutely no case for dropping it. Dispensing with the title of Son of God would cause more trouble than it saved. ...read more.

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