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What does Marks Gospel tells Christians about discipleship.

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Nikki Symeon 11A2 Discipleship Coursework In this essay I will be looking see what Mark's Gospel tells Christians about discipleship. I will discuss what discipleship meant at the time of Jesus and what it means today. The word disciple means somebody who strongly believes in the teachings of a leader or a religion, and tries to act according to them. Throughout Mark's gospel there are a lot of stories about discipleship, the first one being in Mark 1: 16-20. This is when Jesus calls the first of his disciples, telling them to follow him and that he will make them fishers of men. It then says that the men '...at once left their nets and followed him.' This shows how the disciples wanted to learn from and follow Jesus. The term 'fishers of men' means that Jesus wanted the disciples to spread his word and tell others about his message so that they to could become followers. The fact that Jesus chose twelve disciples may have been symbolic. He may have chose twelve to represent the twelve tribes of Israel. Jesus called people of all different kinds to be his disciples. He first chose ordinary men who were uneducated (fishermen). This could have been to show that Jesus accepted everyone into his community and that he didn't favour the rich and educated. ...read more.


A young rich man asked Jesus what he needed to do to gain eternal life. He told Jesus that he always followed the commandments all his life. Jesus however told the young man that he was lacking in one thing. He told him to sell all his possessions, give the money to the poor and then to follow him. The young man told Jesus that he couldn't do this, he didn't want to give up his wealth so he left. Jesus then said that it would be easier for "a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven." Jesus meant that it is harder for rich to go to heaven because they are more consumed with material things and their wealth. Rich people would find it much harder to therefore commit themselves to God than a poorer person would. Jesus spoke of a widow who gave two small copper coins to the temple; he compared this to a rich man who gave lots and lots of money. Jesus said that the widow's donation meant more as she gave everything she had, where as the rich man still had plenty of money left. This story could have been a good example to Jesus' disciples. It taught them to not be selfish and to give their all in what they were doing. ...read more.


They also take a vow of celibacy which means they cannot have families of partners. These people often spend a lot of time caring for those worse off than them and trying to help others with their own faith. Jesus told his disciples they had to be prepared to 'carry their cross'. In Jesus' time this meant that the disciples were going to have to deal with persecution and possible execution. Today however this could mean being laughed at as there is not such a danger of life for being Christian (some countries however there is) and not giving in to temptation. An example of a more modern day disciple who is very famous is Martin Luther King. He was born in 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. King was famous for his work in the American civil rights movement. King's methods in getting his message across were very peaceful, just as Jesus wanted. He could be considered a pacifist. Martin Luther King believed that people from all different races should be considered equal and gained followers as he preached around the United States. Tragically in March 1968 in Memphis Tennessee Martin Luther King was assassinated. Although Martin Luther King is not around any more, he definitely was an example to all other Christians and his work is something to be admired. I think it is important for Christians to have a more modern role model to look up to in their faith. Martin Luther King in my opinion is a very good one. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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