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What does St. Mark's gospel tells us about discipleship

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Course work- Part 1; What St. Mark's gospel tells us about discipleship St mark's gospel is a huge part of the Christian faith and leads us into our path showing u show to be a good disciple. How to be a good disciple is the control theme in St. mark's gospel but how exactly does the gospel do this? In the story Jesus calls the four fishermen, this being right at the beginning evidently showing us that discipleship is a main theme in St. Mark's Gospel, chooses just the first fishermen he sees. They were not people with the highest status this may suggest that being a disciple does not mean you have to have the most money or the best job as long as you serve god and in fact it is the people that serve others that will get the biggest rewards in afterlife. This also links into with 'The rich man' with quotes such as "You only need one thing. ...read more.


In Jesus calms the storm when the apostles panic when the waves spill over the boat Jesus gets annoyed and asks about them not having faith but does not abandoned them because of their weaknesses as every human makes mistakes. Also even when Peter, who is seen as one of the closest of apostles denies Jesus, Jesus still says he is going to be in heaven with him. As Jesus understands that he was frightened and it was a failing but he forgives. Also the gospel tells us that we should not seek special recognition, this is told in the story of 'The Request of James and John', when James and John ask who is going to sit on the right hand and who on the left and Jesus says that they should not be worrying about things like this it is not important as if you truly want to be great it should be you serving others and you will then be first. ...read more.


Christians disciples must put their own needs and wishes last. Taking up the cross means that Christians are likely to suffer and be persecuted for their belief. This is hard for a human and humans do have weaknesses. Many Christians at that time may have had to face crucifixion as there were many laws and lots of people against Jesus but eventually they will be rewarded by God. To follow him he means that you must follow his teachings and not be led into temptation and follow his example and they will share in Christ's resurrected life. Christians should be proud and admit their beliefs and not fear what other people might say, they may lose their life but will gain eternal life this is shown in the quote; 'Whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and the gospel will save it.' Disciples should spread the word of God, and not be obsessed with material things as in when he tells them to go and spread the word of God but to not take any money and could not take food or bags. They have to learn to depend on God. ...read more.

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