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What does the law say about abortion?.

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G.C.S.E Religious Education Coursework - Abortion. By Danielle Choyen 11 Miranda Introduction Abortion is a major issue. It is an extremely controversial, complex and emotional issue because so many people have many different views on it. A person can have a direct and strong opinion on it, depending on their lifestyle and where about in the world they are. For example, if you are religious, your opinion would be what you are expected to think from the teachings of your church/synagogue/place of gathering. If you are in the Law, you should not allow personal life to come between the views you are expected to have to do your job correctly. There are many more social, moral and mental issues that might or can influence our opinions on abortion. In this piece of coursework, I will explain what is meant by the term abortion. I will be going through the different types of abortion methods possible, including the infamous and usually fatal backstreet abortion. This will be going through what the Law says about abortion, and on to what Biblical and Church teachings might be used in a discussion about the subject, using discussed Biblical quotations, continuing to talk about the Church teachings on abortion which can be used to support my arguments. Pen ultimately, an explanation on how Christians might put their beliefs about abortion into practice will be discussed. Finally a discussion on the subject "Abortion is never justified" will be discussed using a for and against argument Question ai; What is meant by the term "abortion"? Abortion is the premature expulsion if a foetus from the womb. However, there are also many other ways in which one can describe the term abortion. These include "removal of the foetus before it is able to survive independently" or "destruction of a new human life" and "termination". This means abortion is when a foetus is extracted from the womb of a woman on purpose in order to prevent the foetus growing in the womb, forming a child. ...read more.


Jesus died on the cross for us, he did this to save everyone form sin. Jesus did not discriminate by race, gender etc and taught us to do the same. The Roman Catholic Church teaches us that we are made in Gods image and therefore all equal. This even applies to the unborn child, as "from the moment of conception it must be defended in its integrity and cared for, like any other human being". Doctor's predictions about the health of the child, are not always accurate and they have been known to abort healthy babies. This undermines the Christian Teaching, which states that 'All life is a gift from God'. Different Christians hold different views on abortion, as they are influenced by society around them as well as their faith. Some Christian denominations today, do not give clear teaching on abortion. The Church of England states that "the foetus is to be specially respected and protected" but "the life of a foetus is not sacrosanct if it endangers the mother's life". This shows, that the Church of England take a middle view on abortion. Evangelical Christians base their views on the bible and so are "firmly opposed to abortion". The Roman Catholic Church says that abortion is a "serious sin in all circumstances." Question b; Explain how Christians might put their beliefs about abortion into practice? Christians might put their beliefs about abortion into action by turning to sanctity of life, when Christians say this, they mean that they believe there is something special and holy about life and try to follow the meaning of sanctity of life by doing good to themselves and good to others. This means that Christians try to treat all kinds of human life with respect. One of the most important things that Christians are supposed to remember when they are making moral decisions is their belief that God is love, and that they should love on another like God has loved us. ...read more.


* Even in the womb the unborn child has the right not to be killed. * People with the most awful handicaps can lead happy, creative and fulfilled lives. * Unborn babies are unique, different, they have potential personalities. * Every aborted foetus was a potential human being. * Abortions can go wrong. They can leave terrible mental arid physical "scars" on a woman. * Killing is killing; whether done in back-streets or openly. Conclusion In conclusion, I feel that abortion has a strong significance with churches, especially the Christian churches where the Roman Catholic Church believe that abortion is a sin, no matter what the circumstance. I believe that abortion is both justified and not so. But depending on the situation and the confidence the parent/s have, they do not necessarily have to keep the child. An example of this is the story of a father fighting to keep his baby alive. A college student found that his ex-girlfriend was pregnant and that she was planning to have the baby aborted. She was determined to have the abortion and so the father took the case to court. SPUC (The society for the Protection of the Unborn Child) raised forty thousand pounds for the father's legal fees. The case was presented to the House of Lords but all the fathers legal attempts failed and his ex-girlfriend was given permission to have the abortion on health grounds. However, the girl was so impressed by the father's attempts to save the baby that she decided not to go ahead with the abortion and instead hand the baby over to the father after the birth. The father left Oxford University, raised the baby boy and later went back to complete his studies. However, as I have explained in my coursework, the most important issue when dealing with abortion is the mother's well-being. If she is at risk by continuing the pregnancy and having the child (such as suffering from psychological, physical and emotional problems), then the baby should in this case sadly be aborted. Danielle Choyen 11 Miranda ...read more.

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