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What effect on the lifestyle and attitudes of Catholics would marriage breakdown have? In your answer make refernce to divorce and annulment.

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RELIGIOUS STUDIES COURSEWORK SECTION 3 WHAT EFFECTS ON THE LIFESTYLE AND ATTITUDES OF CATHOLICS WOULD MARRIAGE BREAKDOWN HAVE? IN YOUR ANSWER MAKE REFERANCE TO DIVORCE AND ANNULMENT. The following section of my coursework will identify what effects on the lifestyle and attitudes of Catholics would marriage breakdown have. To support my answer I will make reference to divorce and annulment. I have defined the following words as they may be used throughout this section of my coursework. DIVORCE - the civil courts permission to be free from a marriage so a couple can remarry. ANNULMENT - a declaration that a marriage has not occurred in the first place (that the bride did not give the sacrament to the groom and that he did not give sacrament to the bride). MARRIAGE - 'condition of man and woman legally united for purpose of living together and usually creating lawful offspring'. COHABITATION - 'living together as husband and wife when not married to each other'. ...read more.


A couple may decide they must divorce and put an end to their legal status as a married couple. A person who is divorced may then petition the church to review the marriage and investigate whether a full, free willed consent (as much as a person can give) was exchanged at the time of the wedding. If the church determines that a defect in the consent existed at the time then an annulment can be granted. Such a declaration proclaims that one or both parties did not (or could not), give full, free will consent, and therefore no indissoluble, sacramental bond was established. The Catholic churches only grant annulment for certain reasons, as follows; * Force into marriage * Married already * Married under age * Marriage is not celebrated in front of a priest * No witnesses * Marriage is not consummated * Severe mental illness * Hiding something e.g. aids * Drug addiction * One or both of the couple do not want children * The wish to move to a foreign part Catholics need to get a legal divorce through the court so it is legal. ...read more.


Jesus said 'The man who divorces hi wife and marries another is guilty of adultery against her' Mark 10:11-12 (vice versa). Therefore, the Church encourages a divorced person who may think he may one day remarry to see his parish priest and pursue the annulment process. Petrine Privilege Should a Catholic be married to a non-baptised person who is behaving in a very unsatisfactory way then the Catholic can ask the pope for an annulment. The reason for annulment will be carefully looked at and investigated. If the annulment is granted the person must not marry another non-Catholic. Pauline Privilege This is based on 1 Cor 7 v 8-15 A catholic who is married to a non-Catholic who prevents the Catholic from being a member of the church and going to church is allowed to be granted annulment. The Catholic lifestyle helps people live their lives in accordance of God's will and gives them a set of morals, attitudes and beliefs to follow. Marriage is central to a loving relationship and divorce is not acceptable under God's law, the only time a married couple can separate is if they are granted an annulment. ...read more.

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