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What impact does biblical teaching have upon the Christian people of Trowbridge and how they use their personal wealth?

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What impact does biblical teaching have upon the Christian people of Trowbridge and how they use their personal wealth? There are many different types of Christian groups in Trowbridge, and each of the Christian denominations has their own church spread across Trowbridge. The denominations found in Trowbridge are; Baptist, Catholic, Church of England, Methodist, Presbyterian, Mormons, Agape, Maranatha and the Unitarian Universalists. The churches are located on the highlighted areas on the map. All the churches in Trowbridge are and act differently from each other, even though they come from the same religion. The Baptists do not have a head of the group like the Catholic, nor different ranks of the priests. They believe that world's belief of money, wealth and status should be changed, and that they are the ones to do it. They also believe that the way they baptise a person is right compared to the Catholics that someone should be baptised not at birth but only those who believe in God should be baptised. Also there are no central funds in the Baptist churches; they all have to raise their own funds. ...read more.


They have no tithing (giving 10% of income to the church) but instead have normal donations at an unfixed rate. Presbyterians believe that all are born with a sin that they have to repent, but unlike Catholicism, representative assemblies called presbyteries run the Presbyterian religion. They also believe that Jesus is the bread and wine that they take at mass, and that they should only spend their time and money on things that are worthwhile. The Mormons are a Christian based religion, but they also have their own personal Bible called the "Book of Mormon". They believe in equality and all are equal before God. They believe that God's city will be built on earth somewhere in America. They believe that Kings, governments and other political powers should be highly respected. The members of this denomination believe that they must contribute 1/10th of all their earnings to the church, and then they shall spend the money as they will. The Agape is an Evangelical group, aiming to help churches to put theories into practice. ...read more.


The church does not look down upon those who cannot or don't give the 10% of their income. Instead these principles can be bent to suit the person. For example some may wish to not give money to the church but give most of their time working for it and helping others personally. I believe that the bible, and other religions, have an affect on the way we spend or money, whether it's to donate money to a charity, a church or giving it to a stranger in need. This is because the bible is based on the moral issue of giving to those less well of and those who are struggling with life. I also believe that the way the Bethesda Baptist Church use their wealth is morally right, and that people should use at least a small amount of their personal wealth in order to help others, even if it's just giving a coin to a homeless person on the streets. I do not believe there to be any great disadvantages to the way the Bethesda Baptist Church spend their money, because it is not a forced rule. The donator does not have to give 10%, but anything he can spare to help others. ...read more.

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