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What is a Christian disciple? What did Jesus expect of his disciples?

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What is a Christian disciple? What did Jesus expect of his disciples? A Christian disciple is a person who follows the way and teachings of Jesus Christ. Mark shows that anything Jesus asked his disciples to do, he put into practice himself. These things were that Jesus had task given by God, he acted with power and authority, and his work caused great difficulty and suffered and died and was raised to life. The call of the disciple was a call to follow Jesus and leave their lives behind. For Jesus to call disciples in this way was unusual since disciples always made their own way to follow a teacher rather then the teacher selecting them. In the first two chapters in Mark's gospel, Jesus appoints five men to be his disciples. The first four were chosen by the lakeside in Galilee (1:16-20). They were fishermen. Simon and Andrew, his brothers were fishing while the other brothers were mending the nets, James and John. Jesus told them to leave everything and come with him. He said to Simon and Andrew that they were to become 'fishers of men', (1:17). ...read more.


E.g. Lent. To put you last in all things. 'To take up the cross' means in Mark's day to be prepared to die for your fate. Discipleship means being prepared to follow Jesus even to the point of death. 'Come with me' is an invitation to travel along the same road as Jesus. Jesus expected the twelve as disciples to face suffering, rejection, and death and suffer like Jesus did. If you become a disciple you will be rewarded the Kingdom of heaven. To be rewarded like Jesus did when he rose from the dead. 'Whoever cares for his own safety is lost; but if a man will let himself be lost for my sake and for the Gospel, that man is safe.' (8:35) All these reasons above are all aspects of a discipleship and the disciple will have to follow and be prepared to come to terms with. Their life will be changed and will have to suffer through these commitments, which will take a lot of courage and faith in Jesus and God. During the time of Jesus we see suffering in order to keep the church going. ...read more.


Christian's churches throughout the world care for the sick; feed the hungry; fight against evil injustice; preach the message of repentance through medical educational, social, agricultural and even political ways. In order for the help to be there, volunteers bring themselves forward towards the church, as the church is a call through Jesus to serve him. This is the same when Jesus called his disciples and they rose to accept the task from Jesus. (1:16-18) Christian organisations such as 'CAFOD' carry on in modern ways the mission of the twelve. Being a disciple was a hard choice to make, especially if you had a family at the time of Jesus and had to leave them and the commitments you had to make and living a poor life. Christian disciples today are not expected to suffer, face rejection and death, but it is important for them to realise that discipleship does involve this sacrifice for some. The disciples had to except that Jesus came for the weak and poor. This was because they needed help and those who are following the word of God don't need help, so Jesus doesn't need to spend his time with the well off people but help those who need his support and guidance. Daniel Gwizdek Page 1 5/2/2007 ...read more.

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