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What is a human being?

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Dictionary Definition: Human being- a man, woman or child from the species homo sapiens. Homo sapiens- the primate species of which modern humans belong. Are we mammals? NO YES Are we able to hold tools because we have thumbs? YES NO Do we think rationally? NO YES A mammal is a warm blooded vertebrate animal of a class (Mammalia) that is distinguished by the possession of hair or fur, the secretion of milk and (typically) the birth of live young. Examples: Monkeys, cat family, dog family, whales and the marsupial family. Rational thinking is the ability to thing sensibly, logically and to be able to plan ahead. This means that humans can write and understand stories, poetry and books. It means they can think, not only what is for dinner tonight? But also what is for dinner six months from now? They can also have the urge to form civilization and conquer other countries leading to war, not many life forms have civilization and wars. When does human personhood begin? Life and personhood are two very different issues. The male sperm and the female ovum are both forms of life but do not have personhood. This raises the point of when does personhood begin? ...read more.


The Christian church because of this believes that an abortion can take place up to 90 days after conception. Last but not least some pro-choicers believe that a baby is only considered human when it is delivered and breathing on it's own and they have Biblical proof. In Genesis 2:7 it says that Adams body was formed from the dust of the ground, but it was only after God "breathed the breath of life" that "man became a living person. Dictionary Definition- biology an organism or cell, or a group of organisms or cells, produced asexually from one ancestor to which they are genetically identical. Who was Dolly the Sheep? "Dolly" the sheep was cloned by transferring the nucleus of a body cell into an egg, which already had its nucleus removed. This is known as nucleus transfer. It is likely that the cloning of a human will be done with this method. Dolly was the very first successfully cloned mammal. Scottish scientists at the University of Edinburgh cloned Dolly in 1996. it took 272 attempts to create Dolly. Why Clone Humans? A supply of donor organs, eradicating genetic diseases and allowing infertile couples to reproduce are some of the main reasons. ...read more.


Some people feel that killing in a war is justified because the only way to solve conflict is to kill the opposition. On the other hand pacifists and religious groups feel that killing another human is never justified and the only way to resolve conflict is through peaceful means such as negotiation. Euthanasia Euthanasia- the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable disease or an irreversible coma. People with terminal diseases feel it is their right to die with dignity, when they choose. Often they want to die before they become a burden on their families because of their illness. If the patient is in a coma or being kept alive by a machine and is unlikely to recover, the family feel that euthanasia is the best solution for the patient. Others may feel that god is the only person who can say when a person should die. Conclusion I think that the issues raised are so complex that it is extremely hard to say what a human is classified as and it shows us how fragile life is. It is only when you are faced with a life or death situation in your own life that you really know what you would think and do, maybe not even then would you know what to do. ...read more.

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