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What is a miracle?

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YEAR 10 GCSE RE COURSEWORK: MIRACLES WHAT IS A MIRCALE? Some definition's of miracles can be outlined as follow The change of mind that shifts our perception from the ego's world of sin, guilt and fear, to the holy spirit's world of forgiveness: reverses projection by restoring to the mind its causative function, allowing us to choose again: transcends the laws of this world to reflect the laws of god: accomplished by our joining with the holy spirit or Jesus, being the means of healing our own or other's minds A miracle is an out-of-the-ordinary direct divine intervention in the world. Any act of god in the universe that supercedes the laws of nature. Providential acts, which occur within the confines of natural law, are not miraculous. A marvellous event manifesting a supernatural act of God. Everyday definitions of a miracle are a gift from god e.g. winning the lottery In everyday life 1) Not revising for your GCSEs and getting all A*s 2) Being a survivor of the September the 11th terrorist attack 911 Christians believe that the good news of the message of Jesus is for all people. It does not depend on race, colour, or class. Everyone is the same in the eyes of God and his love, mercy and forgiveness is for all of us. Faith is offered to every one of us a long, as we believe in the impossible. The meaning of miracles is to show us that there is a coming of the kingdom of god and it shows the power of the Holy Spirit working through Jesus. Examples of miracles performed by Jesus In the bible: 1) The parting of the red sea 2) Jesus walking on water 3) The resurrection of Lazarus Luke's Gospel and how it presents Jesus and miracles When St. Luke was writing his gospel he was trying to give us a picture of Jesus but in a short document.St.luke gave us an account of Jesus' early life emphasizing the incredible way Jesus was conceived, through the power of the Holy Spirit. ...read more.


Naomi and Peter's mother. Once the Sabbath was over, the people flocked to Jesus with their sick and demon possessed to have Him heal them. They had to wait until the Sabbath was over so that they did not violate the Pharisees' rules about carrying burdens on the Sabbath. Again, we see that the Pharisees rules were more of a burden to the people than a fulfilment of the original intent of the Sabbath, which was to provide rest. What better way to rest than to go and be healed by Jesus. However, the people had to wait. To the Pharisees rules were more important than people were. After a very full day of ministry, Jesus gets up early the next morning to spend time with the Father. I know the human tendency after a full day of ministry is to sleep in the next day. I think this illustrates that Jesus' strength came from the Father. * We now learn that Jesus has the authority to heal disease. * Jesus is not someone who majors in fixing bad backs or leg lengthening. He can heal all manner of diseases. Notice also that they are not performed on a platform. It took place in her bedroom probably, out of sight of the crowds. * We see the importance of intercession. Others become the channel of blessing for someone else. * While there are times to get away, ministry sometimes needs to be done when I am tired. Jesus had just been teaching in the synagogue and they have gone home to eat and rest. * Serving should be the natural response of gratitude for the work of God in our lives. She got up and immediately began to wait on them. Luke points this out. Luke points it out because as a doctor, he wants to emphasize the completeness of the healing. Jesus was also able to not only perform miracles where he clearly had the power to control nature. ...read more.


A person that has faith prays for healing in the belief that healing will take place. Some times a sick person's friend may show their faith by taking their sick friend to Lourdes. Faith coming before and bringing about healing is real to many Christian today as it was at the time of the gospel. Many Christians when things go wrong for them in their lives tend to give up because maybe they thing Jesus is neglecting them that he doesn't want them any more but they need to realize that everything in the world has a time and place for it to happen and everything has a reason for it happening as Christians we need to learn to be strong in Christ for he can't heal us unless we as Christians believe in being healed. Some people in their lives think that they have not had a miracles happen to them that's why maybe they might believe in this state but they need to look back one their lives and see situations that they have been in when the out comes could have been worse for insist a person who didn't die on September the 11 they should be thankful although many people died what if that persons whole family died how would they fell because it is a healing miracle that has kept them alive. When a miracle happens they is always a message to it whether it is teaching some something or letting them learn from it a miracle is offered to everyone of every race and every colour not matter where you are or what you do you can always receive a miracle this is what us as Christ believe so I can conclude that this statement is not true because healing miracles do happen maybe you don't receive one everyday or every year but in your life the is always a time or times when your receive a healing miracle. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mary Akello Exam no.0010 Centre no.10838 Centre Name. Notre Dame ...read more.

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