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What is a miracle?

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A1) what is a miracle? I believe that miracles are supernatural phenomenons, which save peoples lives and cause them to have happiness in their lives; some people say that it happens once in every lifetime meaning it happens once in every person's life. All miracles are unexpected and you never know when a miracle will happen it's part of life, some miracles can be explained but some are just so supernatural that no one can explain why or how it happened. People may think that developments in science are miracles. Most things that were impossible many years ago are now part of our everyday lives. But these aren't true miracles at all, these were dedicated people who believed they could do something for our world, many made great outbreaks and many great discoveries for our everyday use. A religious person, a very dedicated believer of God may believe that miracles are caused by God himself, if a person is in an accident and he or she survives it would be a sign that it wasn't their time to leave this world so God spared their lives by making a miracle happen. ...read more.


These are real miracles for the religious but non-religious people do not believe in the bible, and they believe that because science has explained so much of how the world works so there is no space for miracles. In the bible miracles are a sign of power, some people do not even know what a miracle is but most people do not believe in the supernatural. In the Old Testament God intervenes through miracles such as the ten plagues on Egypt. When God wanted to free the Israelites but Egypt wanted them for slaves, so God sent Moses to work God's miracles instead, this is in Exodus Chapter 7- 10. Another Miracle that Moses did was the crossing of the red sea, when God told Moses to put his stick in the sea, then the sea parted for the Israelites to cross. As soon as the Israelites were across and the Egyptians half way, the sea fell on top of them destroying all the Army of Egypt, Exodus Chapter 14:13-31. Here is a song written by Christina Aguilera called we're a Miracle: Here we are Save at last We can breath at last It seems the ...read more.


The film is called Stigmata. It is all about the stigmas that happened to Jesus, and about a part of a gospel that is written about the time when Jesus was with his disciples, the day he realised he was going to die. Well, in this film a priest dies and his rosary is stolen from his grave. An elderly woman buys the rosary and gives it to her daughter. Then all the stigmas start occurring to this woman who is not a believer of God. A young priest goes to her to try and investigate what is happening to her and why. The woman goes through a lot of pain, and the spirit of the priest takes over her body and writes a gospel and the wall of her house as the catholic church have been hiding this gospel as Jesus says to his disciples that people do not have to go to churches to actually believe in God. The stigmas come very strong, and some people try to kill her to hide the truth about the gospel, but in the end she survives through all she has been through. And I believe that is a miracle as she goes through lots of pain and she survives. ...read more.

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