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What is a miracle according to the bible-Luke?

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What is a miracle according to the bible-Luke? * The power of God. Jesus tells the paralysed man that his sins are forgiven something only God can do. Also the healing that has taken place is not just the physical healing but that of his relationship with God. * The power of faith in God. When the centurion's servant was healed it was vital that the centurion believed that Jesus was the son of God and so had the power to heal. Jesus' miracles helped people to have faith and to believe in the kingdom of God. * The depth of God's love. When Jesus brought the widow's son back to life it was a show (example) of God's love. The miracles showed people something of the power of God's love for them. ...read more.


In the bible miracles are seen as something else they are seen as signs of the power of God. The Jews believed in miracles, they believe that God delivered them out of slavery in Egypt by parting the Red Sea (exodus 14). There are also many miracle stories in the teachings of the prophets in Elijah and Elisha. Also in the bible there are many stories of the miracles of Jesus. The people who Jesus lived with had no problem in believing in miracles. They would have believed that there are forces of good and evil that could help or harm them. Many other people also claimed that they could do miracles, the important thing in the miracles of Jesus is the meaning of these miracles. There are almost as many answers to this question as there are people! ...read more.


In his gospel there are many miracle stories. This is where we get the story of Jesus' birth as a virgin birth. Through the miracles in Luke we see that Luke saw Jesus as: - the Messiah - the Son of God - the fulfilment of the Old Testament promises He also shows that Jesus - brings salvation to the world - preaches and teaches about God - announces the kingdom of God - attacks the influence of the devil To conclude, either the miracles happened or they didn't. Maybe we should look at the questions 'Are miracles still happening?' Many people would argue that miracles only happened before we had science to explain things. However science only tells us 'How' and not 'Why' and anyway the definition of a miracle is something that cannot be explained by rational (scientific) means. Also many churches claim that miracles are still happening, especially healing miracles. Consequently I believe it is for the individual to decide upon. Rushlan Khan Religious Studies (Philosophy) Miss Taylor ...read more.

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