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What is Abortion?

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Abortion There are all kinds of people in the world, and we all have different opinions. In this report I am discussing abortion. You will read about the pros and cons of this subject. Some people think that abortion is wrong; they think that abortion is the killing of innocent children. Other people believe that the unborn child is not actually a human until it takes its first breath of air. Many people think that having an abortion is in a way, murder. Many of the people that oppose abortion are in the minority. There are several anti-abortion groups, one organisation is called the "Right to Life", the members of the "Right to Life" organisation believe that a fetus is a person. Many anti-abortionists feel that abortion promotes sexual activity by making it easy to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy. They feel that it is wrong to have premarital sex. These people feel that every child is wanted by someone. They view adoption as a logical alternative. ...read more.


His friend worked at a clinic on the weekends and performed about 40 abortions a day for cash. They sat down and watched all of the ultra sounds the next day and were horrified as they saw the babies' arms, legs, fingers and toes, head and neck, and internal organs sucked out. They watched as the skull was crushed in order to be removed. Up until the time of ultra sound no one had ever seen inside the womb, and had no idea how fetus' acted and reacted. There was one abortion that stuck in both of the doctors' minds' forever, and later became the movie "The Silent Cry". As they watched the fetus' body parts being torn off, this particular baby opened up his mouth and looked as if it was a crying and attempted to move away from the instruments. Both of the doctors felt that the child was reacting to the pain and looked as if he were crying, but since there is no air in the womb, no air could be emitted therefore there was no sound. ...read more.


I think that abortion is right because the child may not be provided with a decent life, the child may be a child of rape, and the birth of the child may kill or seriously injure the mother if she goes through with it. First, providing a child with its needs costs a lot of money. A USA TODAY study states that 34% of the people having abortions have an income lower than $25,000. A low income family would not be able to meet a child's needs. The family would have to spend extra money on food, nappies, clothing, and other baby products. A child would bring more of a financial burden upon the family, and the child would most likely grow up unhappy. Putting the child up for adoption is another option, but the child may begin to search for the parents later on in life and may make new problems arise. If a child cannot be provided for, then I think abortion should be an alternative. Having abortions is a very sensitive issue, it has been in debate for many years and is not getting very far. I personally think that it is good in more ways then it is bad. ...read more.

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