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What is Abortion?

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What is Abortion? One of the most common arguments in the world, which I think is easy to solve to just not let it happen. The killing of a life, who knows that baby may have became the new David Beckham, William Shakespeare, Albert Einstein or Mother Theresa. If you followed the Catholic religion you would be breaking one of the ten commandments, your depriving the right of human life. Although, teenage pregnancies are on the rise, teenagers should have more support from the Government and may be shouldn't have been put in that situation, anyway if they went so silly in doing it to themselves. I think someone should put a stop to people having abortion unless there were forcefully made pregnant by e.g rape it's the end to a new sprung creation of God. Facts on Abortion! 1 in 3 women have an abortion. 500 abortions a day. 2 hundred thousand a year. 650 women a year have late abortions. Christians believe abortion is wrong. They say God gives life and no one else can take it away. Parenting is difficult and lots of responsibility is needed. God will forgive Christians if they do abort an unhealthy baby. Christians believe abortion of a healthy mother and baby is murder. Abortion is breaking one of the ten commandments. ...read more.


He also cares for those who suffer. However, others say Jesus did not teach specifically about abortion or voluntary euthanasia. Jeremiah 1:5 'Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.' From this passage we find out that god has mapped our lives for us before are conception. He planned what we will do so to kill the life he has made plans for would be against his word. Euthanasia! The act of killing someone painlessly. To relieve suffering from an incurable illness. One of society most new and up and coming problem Euthanasia, which I think is interobal, Jesus put life on Earth so wouldn't it be wrong to end someone's life, it's pretty much like committing murder. Even thought these people may have an incurable illness, miracles do happen. Christians support both sides of the argument. Euthanasia was expressed in soaps recently as Dot Cotton killed off her best and long term friend Ethel who was dieing of a painful disease. In R.E we watched a video on a woman who was certain to die she was unable to move. There was nothing any doctor could do for her. She was brought to Lourdes a place of worship for Catholics in Ireland. ...read more.


Abortion effects the life of many including the mother, the baby, the father and there families. It for me effects the mother the most as she will feel very guilty for killing her own baby. Euthanasia which is also called mercy killing, is an act or practice of painlessly putting to death persons from a painful or incurable disease or in capacitating physical disorder. Euthanasia effects for me the people he/she has left behind. Pro-life is a belief that abortion is murder, as life begins at the moment at the moment of conception. Pro-life is a belief that the woman who is pregnant should make her own decision, after counselling, about whether or not to continue her pregnancy based on full information about all her options. Abortion and Euthanasia Coursework Conclusion As a Roman Catholic I'm totally against both abortion and euthanasia although in the case of abortion I feel that if a woman is forcefully raped against her will then if she wants she can abort the baby. Also I would if I where the person to make the rules if the woman or baby is in harm of dieing then may be the baby could aborted. But, otherwise I feel that abortion is an act of murder. I am totally against euthanasia as a practicing Roman Catholic I believe that God gave life and only God can take it away. ...read more.

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