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What is Abortion?

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Once again, the issue of whether to allow abortion on demand is in the news. Here is a magazine article that sets out the Christian view on abortion. WHAT IS ABORTION? Abortion is the premature expulsion of a foetus from the womb. This is either an operation to remove the foetus from the womb before it has grown for a full nine months, or when this happens naturally it is called spontaneous abortion or a miscarriage. The process of an abortion through operation is quite horrifying. It involves the foetus being chopped into bits so it can be removed via the vagina, rather than cutting open the womb via the stomach wall. Views on when a life begins vary. Some thoughts are: * When the egg is fertilised * When the foetus has taken human shape * When the heart begins to beat * When the brain starts to function * When the foetus starts to move in the womb * When the foetus can live outside the Mother * When the baby is actually born * * A Christian view would be that life begins as soon as the ovary and sperm meet. ...read more.


It is never just a part of the Mother's body. * By allowing abortion, society is taking the easy way out. It should concentrate on improving the quality of life in society. * Even in the womb the unborn child has the right not to be killed. * People with the most awful handicaps can live happy, fulfilled and creative lives. * Abortion is discrimination against the weak. * Abortion is not just a matter of "religion" - it is about murder, injustice and the denial of human rights. The UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child states that children need protection before, as well as after birth. * Unborn babies are unique, different; they have potential personalities. * Every aborted foetus was a potential human being, perhaps even a Beethoven or an Einstein. * Abortions can go wrong. They can leave terrible mental and physical scars on a woman. * If abortion is acceptable, where do we draw the line? Abortion is a form of infanticide. * If society did more in the way of contraception and education, and helped single mothers by providing counselling and places where they could seek advice, abortion would not be necessary. ...read more.


This would therefore not be breaking the commandment "Thou must not kill". CONCLUSION Nobody would ever want to be in the position where they feel an abortion is necessary. It can and has mentally damaged young women and is a horrific experience. Everyone, whether Christian or otherwise, values life and it is a natural instinct for most people to attempt to preserve it. However, even though it may be frowned upon, it is still the decision of the mother to go through with this. The feelings on the matter would be so strong from the Mother, that often, if it was legal or illegal, it would be done. Doctors and nurses are a blessing to many young women wanting an abortion. They will do the job cleanly and professionally, which stops women from resorting to mediaeval forms of abortion in the "back street clinics". Some women and couples are not sure about their decision. That is why Christian Aid groups like "Life" can be contacted in confidence. They will give helpful counselling and discuss matters of concern, helping you to make an informed decision and to comfort you in a time of need. (0800 44 00 22). Rhys Howell-Morgan * * * * * ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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