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What is Baptism?

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Baptism Ao1 Rite of Passage is a ceremony that marks the passing of stages in life. Two fixed things that always happen are birth and death. For a non-religious person marriage having children, getting old, death is the usual pattern. Christians have the same things only have ceremonies too. In a catholic church we have these important occasions, Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage and death. Baptism is when we become part of Gods family. It is the sign when someone has turned from their bad ways and Holy Spirit to guide them. Christian's are baptised to follow Jesus' example. It is a sign of new life. In a Roman Catholic Church we are baptised as infants. In infant baptism children are baptised using a font. ...read more.


After the promises are said the infant is baptised. Water is poured over its head 3 times. The baby is anointed with the oil of chrism. It is a sign of the lord's protection and beauty as the child of God. The white garment the baby is wearing is a sign of purity and innocence. The paschal candle is lit during this ceremony. It symbolises the light of Christ and also symbolises the resurrection. The God parents carry a baptismal candle which is lit from the paschal candle. The light on the candle represents new life. At the end of the mass the Lord's Prayer is said. The priest blesses everyone in the church. Believer's baptism is when a person has decided they want to be a Christian. ...read more.


This is to ensure they know what Christian commitment they are making and taking on. In the ceremony of Believer's baptism, the baptistery is filled with holy water before the service begins. People read scriptures from the bible and the minister gives a sermon. The people getting baptised stand at the front of the church and make a pubic declaration of their Christian faith and commitment. The person being baptised goes down a small steps leading into the baptistery pool. The minister goes with them. As they reach the depth of the pool the minister asks them, "Do you believe that Jesus is the Saviour and Lord" The believer replies, "I do." The minister baptises them with the sign of the cross then lowers the believer into the pool and lifts them back out. This is called full immersion. Everyone has been baptised goes to get changed into dry clothes as the congregation sing hymns. ...read more.

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