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What is Discipleship?

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Discipleship 1. In this piece of coursework I will be studying the subject of discipleship. A disciple is someone who is a follower or a pupil of someone who then puts into practice what they have been taught. A good disciple needs to be loyal and has to have faith, strength, bravery, be able to work with others, and has to be willing to live a simple life. The first ever disciples were ordinary people; they were zealots, tax collectors and fishermen. Jesus was the person they learnt from, he taught them to have faith, heal the sick, how to preach to people, he taught them how to lead a simple life, and how to believe in the kingdom of God. Modern day Christians need similar qualities to the first disciples, the most important qualities they need is faith so they learn from and understand the Bible, to be able to lead a simple life, and to be able to love everyone even people who are there enemies. Everyone is called to be a disciple of Jesus either by becoming a member of a religious order such as a priest or nun or just by accepting Christ as there saviour and then spreading his message through the way they live there lives. The first disciples Jesus called were Simon, Andrew, James, and John, he called them when he was walking along the shore of lake Galilee and they were fishing. The reason he might have chose these people to be his disciples is he saw in them some of the qualities disciples would need, patience, strength, the ability to lead a simple life and the ability to co-operate. ...read more.


The man was unable to give up his riches and therefore did not follow Jesus. Jesus tells his disciples it will be hard for a rich person to enter heaven, this statement shocks the disciples as they thought anyone could get into heaven. Jesus sees that the disciples are shocked and explains why it is difficult for a rich person to enter heaven, he says it would be as difficult for a rich man to get into heaven as it would for a camel to get through the eye of the needle because a rich man would find it extremely hard to give up his riches. People believe that what Jesus meant when he said the eye of the needle was a narrow gate leading to Jerusalem. It was virtually impossible for a camel carrying lots of baggage to get through; the image is representing a rich man trying to get into heaven carrying the baggage of his wealth. James and John asked Jesus if he would let them sit next to him in the kingdom of God. Jesus asked them could they suffer and be baptised in the way he was, they both said that they would but Jesus to them that he could not choose who set next to him in heaven, it was God that would choose. Jesus told them to be the greatest disciple they must be the servant of the rest and whoever wants to be first must be a slave for all. Jesus then told them that God sent him down to serve not to be served. This means that we should be a servant of the church to be a good Christian and that through service greatness is achieved. ...read more.


In countries such as China and Iraq it is illegal to be a Christian so people that live in them countries may not put into practice what they believe in fear of incarceration. People may find it hard to believe that there is a God because science and philosophy have disputed religious claims people may believe the theories gave by science therefore they would not believe in God. Even though there are all these obstacles people find it possible to lead a Christian life, what helps them to overcome these obstacles are, the holy spirit helps Christians through difficulties and opposition they face. Its not just nowadays that Christians find it hard to be a Christian, even when Jesus was alive and performing miracles he and his disciples faced difficulties so it is nothing new. Even through all the difficulties Christians have faced the facts show that Christianity has survived, Christianity is the largest religion in the world 32.8% of the world's population is Christian. There have been 44 million Christian martyrs who have sacrificed there lives for there beliefs so this shows that people can come through the difficulties Christians face and have a strong faith. There are lots of examples of modern day Christians one of which is Oscar Romero who I have wrote about on a separate page, the modern day disciples had great faith in God even through the difficulties they had to face. Christians have done a lot for people doing as Jesus wanted (love thy neighbour), an example of this is the social and political changes in South Africa and Eastern Europe lead by Christian groups. Discipleship is about a persons attitude and beliefs, I think it is possible for there to be modern day disciples as long as they have enough faith. ...read more.

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