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What is Discipleship?

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Year 10 Coursework - Discipleship - Susan Gormley 10T The dictionary defines the term 'disciple' to be a person who accepts the teachings of another. A disciple is someone who believes in and helps to spread the teachings of another. It is someone who learns from a religious leader and someone who wants to live life according to the wishes and commands of the leader. Jesus called twelve disciples to follow him. These people were called: James (son of Zebedee) John (brother of James) Philip Bartholomew Thomas who did not believe Jesus had risen from the dead James (son of Alphaes) Simon Thaddeus And Judas Iscariot who later betrayed Jesus for money Simon, who later had his name changed to Peter meaning rock, worked as a fisherman, and so were Andrew, James and John. They all worked at Lake Galilee where Jesus called them to follow him. Simon was a freedom fighter and Judas was a tax collector. In becoming a disciple the twelve chosen by Jesus made the decision of leaving behind their ordinary lives and ways of living to follow him and preach the good news. ...read more.


She campaigned for improved rights for workers and started the Catholic Workers movement. Dorothy Day prayed to God daily to help those less fortunate than herself, by doing this she was showing her faith in God was strong. "The mystery of the poor is this: that they are Jesus, and what you do for him. It is the only way we have of knowing and believing in our love. The mystery of poverty is that by sharing it, making ourselves poor in giving to others, we increase our knowledge and belief in love." Mother Teresa was a woman who devoted her who life to those peoples who were starving and diseased-ridden. She became a symbol of hope amongst the hopeless. In 1993 she went to Edinburgh, there she found a man on the streets of Calcutta who was "eaten up by worms". She took him and looked after him. Before he died he said to her, "I have lived like a dog, but I will die like an angel." ...read more.


Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James did not act as disciples, they lacked the faith that they needed. They did not tell anyone because they did not believe that Jesus had risen from the dead. In Jesus' time it was very dangerous to be associated with God. People were killed for believing in him and practising the faith, and so being a disciple meant taking risks. Cost The story of troubles and persecutions (Mark 13:9-13) is about Jesus telling the disciples to be on guard. Jesus says, "You will be arrested and taken to court. You will be beaten in synagogues but you will stand in front of the rulers and kings and tell them the good news." He continued, "But before end comes, you must preach the gospel to all people." From this story we learn how high the costs of being a disciple really were, and the risks involved. We learn that the disciples gave up their lives to preach the good news. A good disciple was someone who was willing and able to put their lives at risk for others and for God almost like Jesus had given his life for us on the cross. ...read more.

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