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What is Discipleship?

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R.E COURSEWORK - DISCIPLESHIP When most people hear the word disciple, they immediately think of the twelve disciples of Jesus, which is, in a way, correct. A disciple is someone who follows another, Jesus in this case, physically and spiritually. I think there are five factors that are crucial to be a true disciple and in through these discipleship can be summed up; to heal, to teach, to preach, to believe and to serve. Jesus called his first four disciples one day when he was walking by Galilee. He saw Simon Peter and his brother Andrew and he said to them: "Come with me and I will make you fishers of men". Simon Peter and Andrew immediately left their boats and followed him. Later on he saw James and John by the lake also and told them to follow him too and they did so. The calling of the first four disciples shows straight away that Jesus had not come for those who were highest in society or those who had the most authority, but for everyone. Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John were only simple fishermen and yet Jesus has chosen them as his disciples to give up what they had to follow him. ...read more.


To be a disciple, you must serve God not only directly but also indirectly by serving other. Jesus says in the Bible: "Anything you do for one of these men here, you do for me". He was trying to show that helping other people and putting them before you plays an important part in serving God. This can sometimes be extremely hard. For example, if you were with one other person in a sinking boat and there is one life jacket, a disciple should offer it to the other person. As Jesus said, the last person in earth will be the first in the Kingdom of God. To be first in heaven you need to put everyone else before you on earth. Another large part of discipleship is obviously faith, as you cannot follow someone unless you have faith in them. Sometimes, the first twelve disciples' faith in Jesus wavered, for example, when they were fishing and a huge storm arose. Jesus was asleep in the boat so they woke him, frightened of what might happen as the storm was so strong. Jesus told the storm to be still and asked the disciples "Have you still no faith?". ...read more.


Another problem a person may have trying to be a true disciple in today's world is, like the rich man, getting his or her priorities right. We live in a materialistic, consumer-orientated world, where most are obsessed with material objects and luxuries. With so much commercialism surrounding us it is hard for a disciple to remember that serving God should always be put first and foremost. This should be prioritised over clothes, money and work. As possessions and material objects seem so important today, it would be hard to give it all up in order to follow your faith. Still, through the difficulties they face, I think if a person really believes they want to stay a true disciple, it's not impossible. Many of the controversial issues around today were indeed still relevant for the first Christians. They were too persecuted and faced with temptation . However, today Christians have Jesus' teachings in the New Testament, and those who are truly dedicated Christians should be able to use this at times of weakness for guidance and support. Those who are willing still should be able to follow Jesus in today's world and be a true disciple. Jennifer Stringer 11C ...read more.

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