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What is Dogma?

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Dogma Dogma, a belief or set of rules held by a group or organization, which others are expected to follow or accept without argument. "He has caused a storm by calling into question one of the central dogmas of the church" Dogma is a black comedy, which challenges the ideas and beliefs, or dogma, set out by Catholics in particular, but may also apply to other faiths. The story is as follows; two angels get kicked out of Heaven, and they want to get back in. They find a way to get back, which in the process will forgive all their sins; unsurprisingly they must be stopped, by the "last scion", in the shape of Bethany a needy woman struggling through life. Accompanied by two dim 'prophets', an apostle and a muse, she must stop the two fallen angels from getting back into Heaven, as this would prove God wrong and mankind would be reversed, and the effects would be disastrous. ...read more.


Each character represents a different group of people, which helps the audience to relate to the content of the film, and so that the feel that what they see could happen to them or implies to them. For example Rufus who plays an apostle, represents the black community, so they are able to relate to the film and consider the ideas offered and explored. The majority of the time he deals with the issue that religion is racist. He challenges that Jesus and apostles were black and that the truth was masked because nobody liked it. The film raises many issues that some dare not discuss in fear of questioning their religion, everything that happens in the film, is very possible it is just not considered because there is no real answer, and if there was, there are bound to be different interpretations of it from different people of different faiths and backgrounds. ...read more.


There was no contraception back in the days of Jesus Christ so it may be very possible for Mary to have become pregnant several times, and it was normal to have a very big family. So it is possible for someone to be a great, great, great....niece or what ever of Jesus. This idea is mainly explored using the character of Bethany, who needs a bit of persuasion to believe it her self, which makes the possibility, of her being Christ's great, great, great...great niece, a little more realistic. Dogma is not a film for those who are very strict with their religion, it is more for those with open minds and those who welcome new ideas and accept new things. The film raised many valid issues and ideas were explored well, all of which had good solid foundations and could be right. These issues and ideas challenged viewers' beliefs, with the advantage that religion contradicts itself. Dogma Essay Dalia Youssef 10ZI 2Y ...read more.

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