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What Is Euthanasia?

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What Is Euthanasia? Euthanasia comes from two Greek words meaning "Good Death"; making the choice of when to die. Euthanasia is the death of a person who may have serious illness or is seriously handicapped mentally or physically, who wants to, or someone feels that his or her life should end to stop the pain. When we talk about euthanasia, we talk about the death and that it is related to suicide, euthanasia is different to suicide; Euthanasia involves more than one person (the patient and the assistant, giving or withholding medication) whereas suicide has mainly just one person involved. There are different types of euthanasia, Voluntary Euthanasia; Asking for assistance for the death of the ill or injured patient. The patient wants someone to help them die, maybe because they are not physically able to do it. Because of the law, it is know as "Assisted suicide". Involuntary Euthanasia; Someone other than the patient is making the choice; doctor or a relative. Passive Euthanasia; leaving the patient to die; withholding life saving medication, to the patients will, knowing the patient will die. Active Euthanasia; Making the patient die, on purpose, by giving them a higher dose of medication, although the side effect caused is death. This is to reduce the amount of pain experienced. ...read more.


The Roman Catholic Church is totally against euthanasia, and stresses that any act witch intentionally brings about the death of someone is the same a murder. However it accepts that some drug, witch intend to relieve the patient of the pain, might also shorten there life. The Church also states that usual treatment must continue e.g. such as feeding the patient, but uncommon treatments such as surgery, is unlikely to succeed. They also believe that sick people should receive special attention and treatment. The Baptist Church treats euthanasia similar to abortion, they raise similar issues like; is it right to take life? They believe that all life is sacred, and therefore worth preserving. However, Baptists usually agree when a person is "Brain Dead", and have no chance of recovery, that it is therefore acceptable to stop treatment (life-support or other) and let the patient die naturally. However, they do not believe speeding up the process of death e.g. giving lethal dose of drugs is appropriate. All Christians believe that taking life is wrong, but sometimes Christians might think that it is for the best, under the circumstances. In addition, Jesus' teaching of Agape falls into this; you should always put other people first, and consider what the best is for them. ...read more.


Do You Agree? Personally I think that taking any life is wrong, accept in certain situations, like the person is suffering so much pain, that they themselves, would like to have euthanasia to end it, I would have help them. I cannot say that I have first hand experience with euthanasia or even death in close relations. I think if it I had to choose whether someone lived or died, I would think hard. If I had to help them, either live or die, I would help; so that they did not suffer any more pain would be my aim. I would take into consideration their feelings and permissions before making a decision. Some people believe that euthanasia can always be justified, that if someone wants to receive euthanasia that they should be able to receive it without having to break any laws. These groups of people are Humanists; they believe that a person should be able to get the treatment they want. There are Christians that support euthanasia, only at certain points. These Christians do not believe taking life is right, but they also believe that people should not have to suffer from pain. For Euthanasia Against Euthanasia *People are give free will *People may be able to learn by god and should be able from others sufferings' to choose what they want *Life is sacred, destroying *Stopping suffering is loving it is wrong Brett Rigby 11T RE Coursework ...read more.

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