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What is euthanasia?

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What is euthanasia? Religious Education Course Work By Arran O'Reilly Euthanasia means an easy death. There are two types of euthanasia one is voluntary this is when a patient is sick with no way of recovering, and they want to end there life earlier than they would naturally. What is different between suicide and euthanasia is the person is unable to kill them self so a friend or member of family will do it for them or it has been legalized in some countries. A patient could ask for a doctor's opinion to have an injection that will cause a patient to fall a sleep then fall in to a coma and die. ...read more.


Retired nurse Donald Mawditt, seventy two, suffocated his wife Maureen, seventy, after she had begged him to release her from pain and misery of hearted and liver complaints.' The above are cases of voluntary euthanasia there is another type known as compulsory a prime example of this was during world war two where Hitler's Nazi regime would decide that certain groups of people for example Jews did not deserve to live so they were killed in gas chambers. There are also others who believe euthanasia is all ways wrong a large number of these are from the Catholic Church. ...read more.


They may also believe they will be judged on how they help the sick and that a person in desperate need of care could go to a hospice were they would be look after by professionals around the clock. Although many people do not choose this as when you are dying you want to be with the ones you love and a hospice limits the amount of time you have to do this. So in relation to the question what is euthanasia I feel that it is death that the victim wants to happen no matter how you look at it. ...read more.

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