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What is Euthanasia?

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Euthanasia Euthanasia is when an ill person or somebody with a major disability wants to end their own life to stop their pain or so their family and friends can be free of looking after them, it's not just when somebody is ill but it is also when they decide enough is enough. There are many types of euthanasia. Voluntary euthanasia - when the ill person chooses to ask to die but is incapable of committing suicide without any help. This is often called 'assisted suicide' Involuntary euthanasia - when other people decide that it would be best if someone's life ends because he or she is not able to make such a decision. Active euthanasia - when action is taken to bring a life to an end; for example a lethal dose of drugs may be administered. This is against the law. Positive euthanasia - when action is taken to bring life to an end by stopping giving treatment so death will be a result. Euthanasia is a complicated issue now days as there are so many medical treatments available to keep people alive. ...read more.


Although Baptist will usually agree that when a person is 'brain dead' and medical experts agree that the patient has no chance of recovery, then it is acceptable to stop treatment and allow the person to die. The Church of England agrees that the sanctity of life is important but agrees that doctors do not have to do everything to keep a patient alive, no matter what the quality of life is. The church also stresses that it is important to make the old and the ill feel valuable and to make the old feel important as members of society The Roman Catholic Church is extremely against euthanasia and teaches that anything that purposely brings death is murder; it is fine that some drugs which are intended to relieve pain can also shorten life as this is thought of as acceptable. The Roman Catholic Zo� Wood Church says that 'ordinary' treatment such as feeding the patient has to continue but 'extraordinary' treatment like a major operation that probably wont work, doesn't have to be given. ...read more.


Also they might take part in ways to show there opinions against euthanasia, this may be shown as a protest or a demonstration. "Euthanasia can never be justified" I disagree with this as I believe euthanasia should be allowed. If somebody is in so much pain with a terminal illness they don't want to live anymore they should be allowed to die peacefully with dignity. Also if somebody is going to waste away I feel they should be allowed to die so they can say goodbye to friends and family while they are still capable to. I think that the British government should legalise euthanasia but have stick rules such as only a qualified doctor is allowed to administer the drugs etc, there has to be two doctors in the room as they administer the drugs and there has to be a signed agreement from the family or if possible the patient and the family. Christians tend to disagree with this as they believe only god has the right to choose when people die as he created each and every one of them. ?? ?? ?? ?? Zo� Wood Page 1 of 2 ...read more.

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