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What is involved in pilgrimage?

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AO1 What is involved in pilgrimage? A pilgrimage is when a person goes on a journey to a sacred place in which they seek to become spiritually enlightened. As something may have happened which is still relevant to today. Pilgrimages have been around before the time of Christ for example Moses and his journey to the sacred land. ...read more.


The Lourdes story begins in 1858, when a poor 14-year-old French girl saw a ghostly woman in white, in a shallow cave near the town. Over a month, Bernadette saw the woman eight times. The vision said she was the Virgin Mary, she said she wanted a chapel built on the site and for people to come in procession, and she revealed a spring. ...read more.


So many are ill they've had to build several hospitals to help care for them while they're here. Lourdes is a strange place. The narrow, windy streets leading to the grotto area are packed with gift shops full of religious rubbish: plastic water bottles in the shape of Mary, pictures of Christ being crucified with eyes that blink, and religious alarm clocks. This can ruin the experience as it can make Lourdes look tacky. Even descendants of Bernadette's family own a gift shop there. Wesley Gregory 11P ...read more.

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