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What Is Islam?

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WHAT IS ISLAM? Islam, the second-most practiced religion in the world, means submitting to the will of God. Muslims, the people who follow the Islam faith, believe that obeying God (Allah) brings peace with others. The holy book for Muslims is the Qur'an. It contains recitations of the Prophet Mohammed's words from God. Muslims believe that blessings flow from the sound of it and it is treated with great respect. Muslims think of their faith as a 'temple', being held up by five pillars (Arkan) which are the five basic duties that all Muslims must perform. They are: These pillars are not the whole of the Islam faith, but without them the religion would cease to exist. Shahada is the declaration of faith that there is only one God and that Mohammed the prophet was His genuine messenger. ...read more.


But there is a special building used for Muslim worship- it is the Mosque. THE MOSQUE There are some very grand mosques, for example the ones at Mecca and Jerusalem. Others, however, are not particularly noticeable to non-Muslims. But whether the building is grand or not so elaborate, the most important point is that it is a holy place for people to worship God and perform Salah. Muslims must perform wudu before they enter the mosque. There is usually a tap, fountain or well in the courtyard for them to do so, and modern buildings have a special washroom. Shoes are left outside on a rack. Inside the mosque there is no furniture as everyone sits or kneels on the carpet-covered floor. There is often a design on the carpet to help the believers form neat rows. ...read more.


In modern mosques, men and women have separate entrances and rooms for worship. There is sometimes a mortuary for preparing dead Muslims for burial. The prayer is given from a tower called the minaret. There is not always one in a mosque. There may be a large, walled courtyard. One wall is higher than the others and has a large archway in it- this is the qiblah wall, which marks the direction of Mecca. USES Today mosques are not only used for worship, but for various other things; the Prophet met visitors, conducted business and held political meetings in the courtyard, and today this still happens. The mosque is also where the homeless, poor and sick are sheltered and cared for, following the example of the Prophet. Mosques are also use: * As schools teaching Arabic and for studying the holy Qur'an * as law courts for Islamic law * for celebrations of marriage, birth and deaths * for parties, lectures and social activities. ...read more.

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