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What is meant by euthanasia?

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Euthanasia Roger Lucas Euthanasia is a very delicate and emotional subject, which is being debated in the law courts at this very moment; not only within English courts but also in the European courts as well. The question that's being asked do we allow people to die through euthanasia or don't we. Euthanasia in the Oxford dictionary is described as the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable disease in an irreversible coma. By asking ourselves this question in the first place it just goes to show what a moral issue this subject is because you can argue strongly on both sides both for and against. For instance the case at Bristol Crown Court whereby a wife helped her husband to commit euthanasia; her husband was disabled and then paralysed by a massive stroke. Before Sylvia O'Donohoe helped her husband in the act of euthanasia, "he had tried twice to kill himself, one with a drug overdoes, two by trying to gnaw his way through a live electric wire with his teeth" The Daily Telegraph 15 May 1991. ...read more.


Euthanasia 2 As for the argument against by Adrian Rogers he argued that euthanasia is a bad thing because it will encourage doctors to take life rather than preserve it; pointing out that they have to take an "Hippocratic Oath" The Independent 12 May 1990 to save life. Adrian Rogers has a very strong view about doctors taking doctors lives, in that he believes that doctors should be prosecuted and struck of from the medical register. By stating that with modern medicine and pain relief, patients can be cared for in hospices in a respectable and dignified manner. "Euthanasia has been proposed for aids patients, cancer suffers and severely handicapped people" The independent 12 May 1990 not only that, where doe's it stop; it could then be used to remove people who are old and infirm who generally are of good mind and health. As in the "Doctor Death" Dr Shipman case recently who killed older women for his own ends, who is to say he's the only doctor who has taken this course of action. ...read more.


Secondly the families, they'll no longer have to watch the patient's pain and suffering, where as if they are still in a hospice the agony would continue; even with modern pain killers; which means the whole family would have to endure the pain and suffering to the end. Thirdly the authorities would simple save a large4 amount of funding, because they don't have to provide long term care in hospitals or hospices which as these institutions are struggling financially might be a gods end The argument against euthanasia is two fold, in that it's open constantly to abuse both by the family who are liable to put pressure on doctors, not only for emotional reason but also for financial reasons. Not only the doctors who are prepared to abuse the system, that's being experienced in Holland, as the figures suggest, but also from the experience from " Dr Death" Dr Shipman, and others who have not been caught However it can argued argued that perhaps bothsides are right and that in time a balance can be achieved not only through the courts, but throughout society tolerance to euthanasia. ...read more.

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